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With over 400 people flooding Cal State Los Angeles’ Golden Eagle Ballroom, the crowd was electric for King Trivia’s $10,000 Tournament of Champions!  In the moments leading up to the Buzzer Battle, teams were chanting, dancing, drinking, and thinking in preparation to establish trivia dominance and take home some cash.

When the Buzzer Battle began, we lined up a rep from each team (starting with the lowest ranked) and pit them face-to-face to see who could buzz in with the correct answer first.  The action was back-and-forth for a while, with the audience on the edges of their seats as teams traded control of the stage.  At the halfway point, we saw our first “double-failure” resulting in two teams taking a seat.

The climax of the Battle got intense, as it was up to the 5th ranked “Team of Enchantment” to run the table and defeat ALL four teams that ended the regular season in a 1st place tie.  One, by one, by one, by one they fell and it was Team of Enchantment that won the Buzzer Battle.  After a royal procession, they were seated at the illustrious KINGS TABLE.

In Round 1, Team of Enchantment scored 5 points, along with 36 other teams.  A total of 8 teams outscored our champs with three successfully utilizing the Double or Nothing:  Westeros Baptist Church, Tequila Mockingbirds and Heavy Lumber.

In Round 2, nearly half the pack successfully Doubled Down leaving our champs tied with 16 other teams for 6th place.

In Round 3 the field began to narrow.  Four teams successfully doubled down: 9/8 central, Eat Me, I’m  Danish!, and past TOC champs, Mr. No Poster shop.

And of course Team of Enchantment.

While Westeros Baptist Church chose not  to double down, they maintained their lease from Round 1 and were “In the Money” by one point.

Round 4 saw four teams get perfect scores, guessing Harriet Beecher Stowe on the 10 point clue and another 7 teams getting her on the 8 point clue.  Clearly not an easy round as 15 teams lost a point.  Westeros Baptist Church lost the lead getting the answer correct on the 6 point clue and yielding 1st place to the team of the night, Team of Enchantment.

Going into Round 5, the big question was, would Team of Enchantment Double or Nothing and would they be successful?  A failed Double or Nothing could have launched as many as 36 teams into “The Money”.  At Round’s end only one team successfully doubled down and that was Kill Em All For One while Eat Me I’m a Danish scored ten and Team of Enchantment earned 9 points and wisely did not double.  At the end of the round, Kill Em All For One was in 5th place while  Team of Enchantment was in 1st, but by only 3 points.

Round 6 saw three successful Double or Nothings with one team scoring 10.  Clearly not an easy round with the most common score being 3 points.  At the end of Round 6, while holding a comfortable lead, Team of Enchantment was not yet in the clear.  With a 12 point round coming up the top two teams had 72 and 65 points respectively.  The big question was how would Team of Enchantment do?  Would they risk the possibility of taking 2nd place and losing $5,000 to Eat Me I’m a Danish by playing it safe or would they Double or Nothing and risk it all?  A failed 24 point Double or Nothing could have launched 2 additional teams into the money making a prize spread of just $2,500 per team.

At Round’s end they got 11 points with the closest runner up scoring 10 for the round.

When the 7th and Final Round came up, Team of Enchantment was not quite in the clear. There were two teams that, with a successful Double or Nothing, could have beat Team of Enchantment, forcing them to split the prize money. However, Westeros Baptist Church and Eat Me, I’m a Danish could not name enough actors who had won both Beat Lead and Best Supporting categories.

Past Tournament of Champions winners, Mr No Poster Shop, finished up in 10th place with 47 points.

Final standing had Team of Enchantment clearly in 1st place with 83 points and the closest competitors with 65 and 58 points respectively.

Coming in 2nd Place was Eat Me, I’m A Danish! with 65 points

And 3rd Place went to Westeros Baptist Church with 58 points

The elusive Spirit Award went to Our Combined IQ Is... and they definitely deserved it!

Congratulations to King Trivia’s $10,000 Tournament of Champions winners!!!


The Spirit Award Winners: Our Combined IQ is...
2nd Place: Eat Me, I'm a Danish!
3rd Place: Westeros Baptist Church
First Place: Team of Enchantment

Final Scores

Team Name Team Number Total
Team of Enchantment 10033 83
Eat Me, I’m a Danish! 10011 65
Westeros Baptist Church 10016 58
We’re Here for the Natty Light 10606 55
9/8 Central 10260 51
Tequila Mockingbirds 10155 50
Mr. No Poster Shop 10028 47
Crippling Autism 10073 47
Mr. Bottomley’s Jacket 10202 47
Aeropeeps 10377 46
Heavy Lumber 10052 45
Streets of Rage 10064 45
Jenna Dulwartz 10470 44
Cerberus 10187 44
Penis Riot! 10435 44
Kill Em All For One 10416 44
The Bakshi Boys 10418 43
Puppy Pals Forever 10014 42
Saved by the Well 10023 42
Sarlacc BBQ Pit 10151 41
we got nothing 10086 41
Season 5 Champs 10002 40
TriviAwesome! 10008 39
Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers 10012 38
Jury of Your Beers 10032 38
Trivial Pursuers 10051 37
Dan Mitchell A Team 10355 37
Unfit to Lead 10201 37
Clefable’s Table 10613 36
You Thought We Smelled Bad on the Outside 36
Secular Healing 10348 36
We’re S.H.I.T.E. 10309 35
Trivia Newton John 10191 35
Quiztopher Walken 10015 34
Faded Mirth 10495 34
Gentle Sweaters 10135 34
Skule of Rock 10328 33
Ian Malcolm’s Unbuttoned Shirt 10178 33
Clean Up At The Tam 10297 32
Tapped Out 10420 32
Flux Capacitors 10204 32
Hail Hydra! 10395 32
The Menoppossums 10048 30
Good To Be King 10209 30
The Hammer of Glory 10039 29
Sean Gallagher 10068 29
The Calzones 10657 28
Lennox Ave Ladybugs 10616 27
Fear of Flying 10251 26
Gin Soaked Bar Maids 10270 25
Pubettes 10036 24
Full Loftus 10351 24
Gazpacho 10065 22
Running With Ceasars 10474 21
Ovaltine Jenkins 10125 21
Kodiak Bear 10173 21
Grumpy Griffins 10181 20
Em & The Kevs 10261 19
East Fartfort Islands 10085 16
We Drink and We Know Things 10322 16
Suck It Trebek 10037 15
A team has no name 10066 14
The Ugly Barnacles 10352 5
Sir Not Appearing In This Quiz 0

And since you read all the way to the bottom, you are rewarded with two of our favorite doodles of the night, courtesy of East Fart Fort Island, and Lennox Ave Ladybugs