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Kings Trivia’s Season #7 Buzzer Battle & $10,000 Tournament of Champions

Event Date:        January 21st, 2017.

Event Time:        5:00 – Doors Open

6:00 – Buzzer Battle

7:30 – Tournament of Champions

10:00 – Awards Ceremony

Location:  Golden Eagle Ballrooms located at California State University, Los Angeles.  5151 State University Drive.

King Trivia is Proud to present the Season #7 Buzzer Battle & $10,000 Tournament of Champions!

On Saturday January 21, 2017 King Trivia teams from across the nation will descend on Los Angeles, CA, to compete in this trivia spectacle and battle it out for $10,000. 

The event will be split into two sections; The Buzzer Battle and The Tournament of Champions.   

During the Buzzer Battle, ranked King Trivia teams will face off in an elimination match to determine who will sit at the King’s Table. The higher ranked you are going into the Buzzer Battle, the fewer teams you need to compete against to claim your seat at the coveted King’s Table.

The Tournament of Champions will be a standard King Trivia game with the exception of the larger than usual prize and the objective being to defeat the team at the King’s Table.

If the team at the King’s Table takes first place in the Tournament of Champions then they walk away with the entire $10,000 (plus bragging rights for a year).  If the King’s Table does not take first place at the TOC, the prize will be split evenly between the King’s Table and every team that defeats them.

The Tournament of Champions is open to the public but only ranked teams may compete in the Buzzer Battle.  This means that prior to the date of the Tournament of Champions and Buzzer Battle, participants wishing to partake in the Buzzer Battle will need to have registered their team atwww.kingtrivia.com, have played a regular season game and be ranked on the rankings page.

What You Need to Know

In order to win some cold hard cash, you don’t have to come in first; you only have to get a higher score than the King’s Table.

Tickets cost $20 each and are sold in blocks of 6 tickets.  The maximum number of players allowed on a team is 6.  If you would like assistance recruiting members for your team, we recommend first purchasing your tickets and then posting on our Facebook page to recruit members.

Rather than having a mad dash for the best table in the house, tables will be assigned.  The quicker you purchase your tickets the better your table location will be.

Food and alcohol will be available for purchase at the event. What good is a pub quiz without the booze?

Prior to the start of the Tournament of Champions, all participants must provide complete registration information for all team participants. Without said information, King Trivia will not know who is participating in the TOC event, or to whom to award any prizes.

If you do leave the quiz area for any reason during a round you will not be allowed back in until that round is over.

Because this is a live competition there is a chance that the actual timing of the event may run over or under.  King Trivia will work to keep as close to the posted schedule as possible.  In the event that the Buzzer Battle finished earlier than expected than the earliest that the Tournament of Champions will begin is 7PM.

Cell phones and other connected devices are strictly prohibited.  All phones, smart watches, headsets and/or similar items must either be in your pocket or in a receptacle provided by King Trivia specifically for this purpose.  Any players and or teams with these devices out may at King Trivia’s sole discretion be ejected from the event without refund.    IF YOU MUST USE YOUR PHONE FOR ANY REASON, LEAVE THE QUIZ AREA OR WAIT UNTIL THE EVENT IS BETWEEN ROUNDS.

The Fine Print

Participation in the Tournament of Champions and/or Buzzer Battle is limited solely to US residents aged 18 or older at the time the Tournament of Champion and/or Buzzer Battle commences. King Trivia Inc. reserves the right to deny admittance to the Tournament of Champions and/or Buzzer Battle to any person(s) for any reason.

Employees and independent contractors of King Trivia Inc. may not and are ineligible to participate in the Tournament of Champions and/or the Buzzer Battle.

All decisions regarding league rankings (including any decision to change any team of participant’s league ranking), how teams of participants are ranked and/or what rank a team receives to participate in the Buzzer Battle are within King Trivia Inc.’s sole discretion.

By purchasing a ticket to participate and/or attend the Tournament of Champions and/or  Buzzer Battle event (hereinafter, Tournament of Champions and Buzzer Battle to be referred to collectively as “TOC”), participating in the TOC and/or attending the TOC, purchasers, participants and/or attendees (hereinafter “participant(s)” and/or “attendee(s)”) of the TOC agree to be bound to the foregoing and following rules, as well as the terms and conditions set forth below and above, and acknowledge and agree that same are legally enforceable against them, to the extent permitted by law:

Please be further advised that King Trivia Inc. may record the TOC with still-image and/or video cameras, before, during, and after the event. By attending the TOC, participants’ and/or attendees’ likenesses may be captured on a still image or audio/video recording devices. By attending the TOC, participants and/or attendees consent to the use of their likenesses by King Trivia Inc., as recorded at the event, and waive all rights under California Civil Code Section 3344 et seq., and/or all similar rights.

The TOC is produced by King Trivia Inc., located at: 22048 Sherman Way, Unit 308, Canoga Park, CA. 91303

KING TRIVIA®, KING TRIVIA LIVE PUB QUIZ EST. MMIV®, and all other related indicia are trademarks of King Trivia Inc., a California Corporation.

All materials, physical and/or digital, related to, pertaining to and/or used during the TOC are the protected works of authorship of King Trivia Inc., and any reproduction, dissemination, display, derivation, and/or performance thereof, without King Trivia Inc.’s express written authorization is strictly prohibited.

King Trivia Inc. reserves all rights to make modifications to and/or change the format and/or manner in which it conducts its contests, including, but not limited to, the manner in which it intends to conduct the TOC, before and/or during the event. King Trivia Inc. further reserves the right to change any TOC rules, at any time, at its sole discretion.

The TOC shall be conducted under time constraints, and, therefore, time will be of the essence during the TOC. King Trivia Inc. reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the meaning of any and all quiz questions and/or rules, the accuracy of any and all answers provided, and/or the allocation of points. Any and all scoring decisions made by King Trivia Inc. during the TOC are final and non-negotiable.

Further, King Trivia Inc. reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the timeliness of any team of participants’ use of buzzers, or any other equipment, including in, but not limited to, instances of equipment failure.

All prizes to be awarded at the TOC, including each participant’s share of the $10,000.00 grand prize, are subject to verification. By participating in and/or attending the TOC, participants agree to provide King Trivia Inc. consent to verify all internet and telephone access service records of participants and/or attendees to determine that such devices were not used in violation of the TOC rules. This includes, but is not limited to consenting to the participant’s and/or attendees provision of internet and/or telephone service records upon a demand made by King Trivia Inc. and/or providing consent to third-party service providers to release to King Trivia Inc. internet and phone records. Any failure to cooperate with King Trivia Inc., by any non-compliant party, during any attempt by King Trivia Inc. to verify that the TOC rules were respected during the TOC shall be automatic grounds for forfeiture of any TOC prize.

Winning team prizes will be awarded on a pro rata basis and divided evenly amongst team participants based upon the number of team participants registered to the team upon commencement of the TOC, whom are present at the TOC, whom fully participate in the TOC, and whom comply with all TOC rules.

Any local, state or federal tax obligations incurred by a TOC participant as a result of having been awarded a prize by King Trivia Inc. are the sole responsibility of the participant. Further, participants awarded prizes agree to provide any and all information necessary for King Trivia Inc. to provide to local, state, or federal tax regulatory agencies and to comply with local, state, or federal tax laws, including, but not limited to, completed I-9 taxpayer identification forms prior to the awarding of any prize.

King Trivia Inc. expressly reserves the right to eject any participant and/or attendee for any reason, including, but not limited to, cheating or violating the TOC rules. Any participant and/or attendee ejected from the TOC forfeits any payment made to King Trivia Inc. to participate and/or attend the TOC and/or any TOC award, and shall have no right to a refund.

Other than the use of consumer-grade, non-professional grade, non-cellphone, still-image cameras, any use of audio and/or video recording equipment by any person not having the express written permission of King Trivia Inc. during the TOC and/or within the venue wherein the TOC is to take place is prohibited.

All participants in and/or attendees of the TOC assume all risks therein. Alcoholic beverages will be available during the TOC. Participants and/or attendees agree that they will not over-consume alcohol, or in any way engage in conduct which might endanger themselves or other participants and/or attendees. Participants and/or attendees are solely responsible for abiding by all local, state and federal laws regarding the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Participants and/or attendees agree to indemnify and hold harmless King Trivia Inc., its employees, contractors, partners and sponsors, including, but not limited to the TOC venue operator’s employees, contractors, partners and sponsors for any claims (including those of third parties) in any way arising out of their participation in or presence at the TOC.

By purchasing and/or registering for a ticket to the TOC, both participants and/or attendees consent to the receipt of notifications for current and future King Trivia Inc. events and/or promotions to the email addresses provided during the TOC purchasing and/or registration process.

To the extent that King Trivia Inc. should be held liable to any participant and/or attendee of the TOC, under any circumstances, participants and/or attendees agree that said liability shall not exceed the price the participant and/or attendee paid for a ticket to the TOC.

King Trivia Inc. reserves all rights to and may change all of the foregoing, without notice, at any time. A complete copy of the current rules, terms and conditions will be made available upon written request to:

PO Box 985

Woodland Hills, CA 91365