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About Barrel & Ashes

The restaurant has been stripped back to its original 1940's structure and creatively redesigned by Ricki Kline, to bring family style Southern hospitality to Studio City. The majority of the restaurant's interior and exterior has been completely remodeled, with the exception of the original 1940s tile-work that was discovered during construction and meticulously restored. Indoor seating consists of communal tables, classic table seating, and a chef's counter with a front row view of all the action. Patio seating features picnic style tables reminiscent of a Texan barbecue.

Guests can enjoy chef-driven traditional American barbecue at Barrel & Ashes seven days a week. The menu focuses on family-style service with daily specials from our chefs, drawing from their travels and cherished family recipes. Meats are all smoked over coastal California Red Oak and cooked over White Oak. Some of the traditional side dishes are true to the recipes of Hollingsworth's mother, while others have been creatively adapted and developed.



Tue May 28 2019
| by Quizmaster Charles Fay

WOWZER K'DOWZER, Tuesday the 28th provided one of the most exciting games in this Quizmaster's tenure as Master of Quiz. In a match that started off otherwise under the radar (with teams each scoring 4 points in the first round, and by the third round scores of 16, 14 and 12), but ALL OF A SUDDEN began to twist and turn.

Abortions Are Cool began to look like the frontrunner but after a late and unsucessful round 4 turn in which netted them -1 point, Genie In A Butthole (the greatest team name ever) took the lead and sustained through round 5 -- a round which also provided some debate over the true color of a Milk Duds box.

Then came round 6, wherein after an unsuccessful Double Down (which this Quizmaster goes ape shit for) Abortions Are Cool got 0 points, Genie In a Butthole got 9 and The Bad Buddy Cop Movie got 20 BECAUSE THEY SUCCESSFULLY DOUBLED DOWN thus taking the lead!

Now we're moving into the final round and every team has led at one point or another. Good God. "How thrilling is this?!?!" I said out loud over and over again.

But I would be more thrilled as round 7 would provide TWO MORE double downs. Picture it. Teams putting it all on the line for trivia glory, their Quizmaster, on the floor, blown away by the risks these people are taking for Tuesday night supremecy, cold breeze flowing through Barrel and Ashes.

Unfortunately those risks went unrewarded as Abortions Are Cool and Genie In A Butthole each scored 0, and Bad Buddy Cop played it safe, didn't double down, but walked away with the win and $25 to Barrel and Ashes.

LORDY LORD, this is what we live for, baby!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 That Buddy Cop Movie 47 2 1.000
2 Genie In A Butthole 35 1 0.500
3 Abortions Are Cool 24 0 0.000


Tue May 7 2019
| by Quizmaster Charles Fay

It was quite the full night on Tuesday at Barrel and Ashes as four fantastic teams channeled their brain power for trivia supremecy.

This was the type of trivia night this Quizmaster loves to see -- full of double downs, early 4th round answers plenty of call and response. No Regrets left it all on the court as they staked an early lead that brought them to victory -- not to mention a whopping two consecutive successful double downs to open the night!

Second place was hotly contested by the remaining teams, but was eventually secured by Charlie's Angels, whose round five double down gave them the necessary push.

Massive props to Pistachio, who secured the third spot all by herself, and who also displayed some excellent double down skills! Her bronze medal might've been nabbed by The Pickle Boyz, had their rounds 3 and 4 not netted them -1 points.

But that's why there's always next week!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 No Regrets 71 3 1.000
2 Charlie's Angels 44 2 0.667
3 Pistachio 40 1 0.333
4 13935 Pickle Boys 38 0 0.000


Tue Apr 30 2019
| by Quizmaster Charles Fay

Boy howdy was this a Tuesday night for the ages! Last night saw three teams (two of which were comprised of friends who'd split themselves up -- DRAMA) pitted against each other for Barrel and Ashes Trivia greatness. Though valiantly played by each team, the aptly named "F*** Mike and Joey" took a lead after the second round and never looked back.

There were a number of double downs, aka this Quizmasters favorite thing ever, which kept the game electrifying! Congrats to the winners, to the solo "Pistachio," who week after week holds her own, and to Urban Achievers, who nailed 11, count 'em' 11 of the Apostles asked for in round 7!

See everyone back there next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10255 Fuck Mike and Joey 67 2 1.000
2 Pistachio 57 1 0.500
3 Little Lebowski's The Urban Achievers 33 0 0.000
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