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    Welcome to the Great Change Brewing experience that is born from family and focused on our community.  Our philosophy is derived from the lifelong love of craft beer and the traveling experiences of Steve Belmont and Tim Belmont who created the Belmont Venture corporation that has led them to partnering with Master Brewer Kyle Smith who is notorious for his award-winning craft beer creations.  Our strength comes from hiring the best who embrace the Great Change Brewing philosophy to never compromise on the quality of our craft beer and to never take for granted our connection to the customer through genuine customer service.  We welcome you to our brewing family and let’s continue a legacy of bringing our community together, to enjoy each other’s company over Great Change Brewing craft beer.


    Tue Jan 28 2020
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    It was a FANTASTIC night! We started out with 3 teams, but grew to 7 before the end of round 5. People kept filtering in, and we'll always take latecomers. Questions were asked, fun was had, things were learned, and beer was drunk. You'll have to watch those wager rounds, though; 5 of the 7 teams took a loss in the final round, seriously changing the rankings.

    When it all shook down, Team Stark blasted their way to the top with a 16-point gap between them and 2nd place. Being the owners, they yielded their prize to the next team down, meaning 2nd-4th places walked away with free future beer! Frankowitz roared back in the final round with 10 points while other teams lost that much, and got a $25 gift card for their 27 points. Cheers landed in 3rd with 24 points and a $15 gift card. Hicks took the $10 gift card at 19 in 4th place.

    Tell all your friends and neighbors to come out next week. Remember, it's a small town, and I have lots of time.

    Love, Dave

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 Team Stark 43 6 1.000
    2 Frankowitz 27 5 0.833
    3 Cheers 24 4 0.667
    4 Hicks 19 3 0.500
    5 Pumpkin Heads 16 2 0.333
    6 M+M 12 1 0.167
    7 Average Joes 8 0 0.000


    Tue Jan 21 2020
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    Cold be damned! We marched into fierce battle, laughing and drinking like men, manly men, with ovaries! A team divided cannot stand, but they can win more prizes.

    With a mighty crash in round 8, all teams stumbled and lost points. 1 Biologist took the top prize with 32 points, followed by Lauren Fah (That's pronounced "Fay") with 30. GuineaPigLuvr4Lyfe! slid into third with 26, while Team Stark limped in with 20.

    Come out next Tuesday to find out new and interesting ways to use fish scales around the house!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 24249 1 Biologist Walks Into a Bar... 32 3 1.000
    2 24884 Lauren Fah 30 2 0.667
    3 24886 GuineaPigLuvr4Lyfe 26 1 0.333
    4 24164 Team Stark 20 0 0.000


    Tue Jan 14 2020
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    What happens once the holiday season starts to fade into the past?People start spending more money on booze! OK, to be fair, people always spend money on booze, but Survey Slam is growing with some regular teams! Tonight, we heard some funny answers. Let's remember that we're all laughing together. Don't be embarrassed. Nobody's perfect except me. I'm also, like, SUPER humble about how amazing I am.

    But, with all our laughs and beer and some delicious pizza from Michaelangelo's, we got to the final round, which was met with varying levels of wager regret. Two teams lost ten points in the final round to round out the bottom. 3 Biologists & Some Guy wagered 6 to land in third place with 43. Superior Hops edged their way into second place with 44 after a 3 pointer. The Degenerates risked it all to land in the top spot with 49.

    Come out next week to play another game and possibly win some free drinking money! Invite, drag, force, and threaten everyone you know to get them out to the next game. Or else!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 24723 The Degenerates 49 4 1.000
    2 24695 Superior hops 44 3 0.750
    3 24249 3 Biologists and Some Guy 43 2 0.500
    4 23298 Wrecked 'Em 27 1 0.250
    5 24164 Team Stark 24 0 0.000