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    About Great Change Brewing (Survey Slam)

    Welcome to the Great Change Brewing experience that is born from family and focused on our community.  Our philosophy is derived from the lifelong love of craft beer and the traveling experiences of Steve Belmont and Tim Belmont who created the Belmont Venture corporation that has led them to partnering with Master Brewer Kyle Smith who is notorious for his award-winning craft beer creations.  Our strength comes from hiring the best who embrace the Great Change Brewing philosophy to never compromise on the quality of our craft beer and to never take for granted our connection to the customer through genuine customer service.  We welcome you to our brewing family and let’s continue a legacy of bringing our community together, to enjoy each other’s company over Great Change Brewing craft beer.


    Tue Jan 7 2020
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    Coming back for the first Survey Slam of the new year, and it's always nice to see friendly faces. We started with 3 teams, and another joined after round 2. Let's get the word out that Tuesdays are the new October. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, so don't ask.

    Latecomers FSU came in 4th with 7 points, but was graciously gifted Team Stark's 3rd place prize of a $10 gift card, with Team Stark turning in 13 points. Team 1 had a give point lead going into the final round and opted to abstain from wagering, ending the game with 29 points. 3 Biologists Walk Into a Bar put the hammer down, trailing by 5, and bet the works to take the game and win by 5 with a $25 gift card. Team 1 ended up in second with a $15 gift card.

    Come out next week! Bring friends, enemies, and strangers! Ask about free beer! There won't be any free beer, but you can still ask.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 24249 3 biologists walk into a bar... 34 3 1.000
    2 Team 1 29 2 0.667
    3 Team Stark 13 1 0.333
    4 FSU 7 0 0.000


    Tue Dec 17 2019
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    On a windy, blustery day, the bravest souls fought the elements to come out for battle. One team split into two to keep the team sizes fair. A team divided cannot stand, and this aggression will not stand, man!

    When the buzzer rang, Lightning Dogs never faltered and ran away with the game, finishing at 52 points. The Dogs' splinter group Book Boom Kitties took second with 39. Wrecked 'Em damn near killed 'em in third with 20.

    Remember that we're off this coming Tuesday and will return after Christmas. Thursday trivia will not be interrupted. Be there, or else.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 22407 Lightning Dogs 52 3 1.000
    2 Boom. Boom Kitties 39 2 0.667
    3 23298 Wrecked 'Em 20 1 0.333
    4 Team Stark 16 0 0.000


    Tue Dec 10 2019
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    People were dressed into the game kicking and screaming, but they ended up winning prize money, so it's not really a hostage situation, right? New faces made their way in, games were played, and fun was had.

    When the buzzer rang, the team on top was Three Biologists Walk Into A Bar. All night long, they maintained the lead to close out the game with 35 points. The Degenerates came to watch basketball, but ended up playing and taking second place and a $15 gift card after winning a tiebreaker with Team Stark at 14 points each. Average Joe's got the house prize worth $10 coming in fourth with 13.

    Come out next week as we figure out just how many licks it takes to get to the Earth's molten core.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 24249 3 biologists walk into a bar... 35 6 1.000
    2* Anything 19 5 0.833
    3* The Degenerates 14 3 0.583
    3 Team Stark 14 3 0.583
    5 Average Joe's 13 2 0.333
    6 XX 5 1 0.167
    7 Wrecked 'em 3 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker