Team Beat Average

Your Team Beat Average or TBA is the number of teams you have beat divided by the number of teams that you have played against.

If for example you played at a game where there were 11 teams and you came in 2nd place you would have scored a TBA of .900 or nine hundred.  If at that same game you came in first place you would have scored a TBA of 1.00 or one thousand.  As you can see this works much like a batting average in baseball.

League Scores

Your league score is the sum of your top 20 TBA’s over the course of the season.  For example let’s say that during the season you played 5 games and received the following TBA’s at each of those five games.

Game 1 – .800

Game 2 – .745

Game 3 – .245

Game 4 – 1.00

Game 5 – .625

Using this scenario you would have a league score of 3.415.  As you can see we are merely adding up all of your TBA’s.

For those teams that play more than 20 games during the season, our online system automatically drops off their lowest scores and only adds up their top 20 TBA’s.

Team Beat Average vs Game Scores

In a multi location tournament setting, the Team Beat Average is a far superior way to rank teams than  raw game scores.

Using the TBA, the number of points in a game as well as the difficulty of a particular set of questions are completely irrelevant.

Let’s say for example an entire round is added to a particular game during the season.  Using Raw Scores for league standings would give all teams at that one game a HUGE advantage as they could earn more league points than could other teams.  Using the TBA makes this situation irrelevant because the TBA measures how a team does against other teams who participated at that game that night and not how many points were available to earn.

At King Trivia we have an amazing staff of writers, editors and fact checkers.  We work extremely hard to insure that our content is not only accurate and fun to play but also to insure that the difficulty level of every set is the same.  With that said, it is impossible to ensure all our games are of equal difficulty.

Raw Scores give an advantage to teams that happened to play on a night with an easy set and penalizes teams that happen to play on a night with difficult sets.  The TBA on the other hand renders the difficulty of a set of questions meaningless as it pertains to league rankings.

And we know what you’re gonna ask next. How do we know? Because we are the all-knowing quizmasters.

Question:  “Whoa Whoa Whoa, doesn’t this TBA thing give an unfair advantage to teams playing where the competition isn’t very good, thus giving a mediocre team a better chance when they are playing against a bunch of dumbasses in BFE?”

Answer: Firstly, BFE is politically incorrect and we prefer that you use a more proper term such as “other bars”

Secondly, no you are incorrect.  This does not give an unfair advantage.  Staking out the competition and playing at multiple venues is both legal and encouraged.  If you can find that one location where you have the ability to dominate then be our guest.

Ties and Tiebreaker Questions

The tie-breaker questions used at the end of any given game is used to determine who receives that night’s prize but is not considered for Tournament of Champions league score. When two teams tie they both get a half-point for their TBA for the evening.

There are 11 teams playing at your venue tonight. Your team “King Trivia Team 1” Ties “King Trivia Team 2” for first place and you won the tie-breaker question for the prize for the evening.

Your TBA for the evening is calculated as you having beat 10.5 teams out of 11. One for each team you beat and .5 for the team you tied. “King Trivia Team 2” has the same TBA since they also tied you.