By: Mary Gillett On: October 1, 2019 In: Themed Events Comments: 0

Did Freddy get you in your dreams last night? No? Terrific! Now you can play King Trivia presents A Nightmare on Quiz Street – A Slasher Film Themed Event.

The FIRST place team will receive roughly 50% of the proceeds. Dress up as your favorite character as COSTUMES ARE GREATLY ENCOURAGED and you could win the spirit prize! The evening will consist of questions relating to the major fixtures of slasher films (Michael, Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and Chucky), but don’t be scared if a few others pop up (Ghost Face, Leprechaun, Pinhead, etc.).

You may see some of your favorite King Trivia Quizmasters playing as well, but not to worry—they paid for their ticket just like you and the questions have been kept at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

To survive this game: never have sex, don’t drink or do drugs, never ever say “I’ll be right back”, and make sure to join us for Slasher Trivia on Oct. 27th!


What’s the refund policy?

No refunds will be given for this event

Is this a 21+ only event?

Please check directly with the venue if you have someone on your team under 21


Sunday, October 27th

8:00 PM


Golden Road Brewing

5410 W San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles CA 90039