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About Great Change Brewing (Survey Slam)

Welcome to the Great Change Brewing experience that is born from family and focused on our community.  Our philosophy is derived from the lifelong love of craft beer and the traveling experiences of Steve Belmont and Tim Belmont who created the Belmont Venture corporation that has led them to partnering with Master Brewer Kyle Smith who is notorious for his award-winning craft beer creations.  Our strength comes from hiring the best who embrace the Great Change Brewing philosophy to never compromise on the quality of our craft beer and to never take for granted our connection to the customer through genuine customer service.  We welcome you to our brewing family and let’s continue a legacy of bringing our community together, to enjoy each other’s company over Great Change Brewing craft beer.



Tue Feb 18 2020
| by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

Lots of great people made for a fantastic night. The local Rotaract was convened before we got there, and we even convinced them to play along with us! As we headed on our way, Drunk Bastards kept switching it up with a new name each round. From Drunk to Drunker to Drunkest, then naming themselves What's After Drunkest, and finally Drunkestest Bastards before being called home and finishing the game early. Luckily, You Is Crazy kept their spirit alive by changing their name to You Is You. Let's see if we can get even more teams next week to beat this week's 7!

When the buzzer sounded, our queens of the night, 3 Biologists Walk Into A Bar found themselves bumped out of the top slot, falling to second with 38 after losing 6 points in the final round. Taking the lead right at the end, Pour Choices shot up 10 points for a 16 point swing, vaulting into first place with 45 for a $25 gift card. Third place saw You Is Crazy and Rotaract tied at 29, with YIC taking the tiebreaker; Both teams almost submitted the same answer, but one player was overruled.

Join us next week as we celebrate National Crank Call Day. Between rounds, we'll call people to ask if their refrigerators are running. Join us again on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 for fun, friends, and fdrinks!

I love you all. -- Dave

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 25351 Pour Choices 45 6 1.000
2 24249 3 biologists walk into a bar... 38 5 0.833
3* 25353 You is crazy 29 3 0.583
3 Rotaract 29 3 0.583
5 25365 Queen Roadrunners 23 2 0.333
6 Team Stark 22 1 0.167
7 Drunk Bastards 19 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Tue Feb 11 2020
| by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

New faces keep showing up, and prizes get won just for answering some questions and matching people's opinions. You might say that fun. But, that's just, like, your opinion, man! Careful! There's a beverage here!

At the end of the night, scores went all over the place. Wrecked 'Em eked out a win by three points, finishing the night with a strong ten point round to end up with 43 c and a $25 gift card. Danga Danga Danga put up 40 points in their first time out for second place and a $15 gift card. The Downtowners came in third with 36 points to earn a $10 gift card.

Come out on Thursday for trivia, and be back to Slam with us next Tuesday at the same Slam time as usual.


I love you all! - Dave

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 23298 Wrecked 'Em 43 3 1.000
2 25227 Denga Denga denga 40 2 0.667
3 13453 The Downtowners 36 1 0.333
4 Team Stark 19 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Tue Feb 4 2020
| by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

What game show lets you use phones while you drink, then caps the night off with small paper airplanes and In & Out? That would be Survey Slam! It was great to see returning faces and teams. Sure, we got a late start, but we still got done on time, right? Grab some more friends, family, and random people to come out and play; just make sure they're dumber than you so you keep winning prize money!

Rock Hard showed that they're tough as, well, rocks. They put up 42 points before falling 4 points in the final round to 38, but nobody picked up any points there. It was all about who lost the fewest points. Best Guessers came in 2nd with 30. Our bartender Dave came in third with 20, giving his gift card to Wrecked 'Em who had 18. The home team Team Stark just couldn't gain any momentum and ended the night with 10. 25, 15, and 10 dollar gift cards were awarded accordingly.

Come out next week as we floss and fly all up in this mother, and don't forget: TRIVIA STARTS AT 7!

I love you all. -- Dave

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Rock Hard 38 4 1.000
2 25118 Best guessers 30 3 0.750
3 Dave 20 2 0.500
4 23298 Wrecked 'Em 18 1 0.250
5 Team Stark 10 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker
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