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With its home in the historic Spring Arcade Building in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ Historic Core, Clayton’s Public House is a creative collage of a forgotten time, a light-hearted, fun, tongue-in-cheek, artistic rendering of what entertained the Victorians of the 1880s while also paying homage to the Turn of The Century through the 1920s.

Offering 32 craft beers on tap featuring many local breweries, rare international beers, signature by-gone-era cocktails by master mixologist and sommelier, Krisi Jensen, and elevated gastropub cuisine, Clayton’s has something for everyone, much like the time period it celebrates.



Mon Apr 22 2019
| by Quizmaster Ian Salazar

Some new faces tonight at Clayton's, and they were treated to some of the best trivia in town. And by that I mean THE BEST TRIVIA EVERRRR

Anyway Arcadians won again, this time minus that guy. Strong showing from the new crew Testlio, and good job on Obnox for nabbing second.

Some highlights:


-I stand by the fact I think it's funny that the two largest moons of Uranus are named after A Midsummer Night's Dream, because one of the characters in the play is BOTTOM. Like butt. UrAnus.

-Sound of Musical is badass, and should be required viewing material when you grow up.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17789 Arcadians 61 7 1.000
2 12730 Obnox 55 6 0.857
3 19482 Testlio 51 5 0.714
4 12663 Eagleton Sucks 46 4 0.571
5 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 42 3 0.429
6 SSSHHH 38 2 0.286
7 Indistinct Arguing 31 1 0.143
8 Jake from State Farm 19 0 0.000


Mon Apr 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Ian Salazar

The boy heard water running in the distance. Parched, and knowing his canteen would soon empty, he fastened his belt tightly and unsheathed his sword. He cut through the thick branches of foliage, the sound of water growing louder and louder. Finally, he saw a sliver of light protrude from the brush. With one fell swoop, he plunged into the open area.

His eyes widened.

"My god," the boy said, "I'd only heard of this place from old folk legends."

In front of the boy, a river ran, and 400 adults dressed only in Batman masks danced in the water.



...and that's my pitch to the movie Batman River. Congrats to Arcadians for winning again. Here's your highlights!

- If we're going to bring up "Baby Back Ribs" by NSYNC, you best believe we're listening to "Baby Back Ribs" by NSYNC.

-One team seemed to be physically in pain every time the scores were read. Sorry about that.

-Congrats to Millennial Pink for winning the best answer award for the answer "Meet the Spartans." What dark place did you go to remembering that movie. Enjoy your peeps!

See y'all next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17789 Arcadians and that guy 54 9 1.000
2 17981 Drunk in Public 45 8 0.889
3 SSSHHH 41 7 0.778
4 18369 The Flaming Moe's 33 6 0.667
5 19328 One Is Enough 32 5 0.556
6 Millennial Pink 31 4 0.444
7 Here's Your Elephants 29 3 0.333
8 Indistinct Arguing 28 2 0.222
9 The Princesses 10 0 0.056
9 Bedroom Available 6th and Main $1500 10 0 0.056


Mon Apr 8 2019
| by Quizmaster Ian Salazar


Yes, it was the final game of the NCAA tournament, but the real throngs of competition took place at Clayton's Public House. In the end, the hot trivia shooting from Flaming Moe's took them all the way to title-town with 60 points.

Here's your sport highlights:

-Greg, our beloved resident bartender, requested I put on some Space Jam. So you best believe the song Space Jam was bumping.

-I've also decided that my photo of Greg pretending to stir something for the sake of taking a candid photo will now be posted every week.

-I started the "Best Answer Award" for Clayton's, a reward I give to my favorite wrong answer of the evening. Tonight's recipients took home some plastic Easter Eggs. Happy hunting!

-Things got pretty intense during the NCAA game, so much so that I had to stop reading questions for a second, and start color commentating on the game. A future in sports broadcasting? I think so.


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 18369 The Flaming Moe's 60 7 1.000
2 Cavaliers 58 6 0.857
3 17789 Arcadians and that guy 55 5 0.714
4 Charlie Chads 43 4 0.571
5 SSSHHH 40 3 0.429
6 12663 Eagleton Sucks 39 2 0.286
7 NoHo Demons 36 1 0.143
8 Indistinct Arguing 30 0 0.000