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Wed Sep 28 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

Photos ruin the experience. Or so I tell myself.

Scores were locked in close at the end of round 6. Only a controversial triple or nothing separated the men from the mice (or women from girl mice)

Chris was at a 10/10 grumpiness factor, which has only been matched on maybe one other occasion. Fairly certain Tiffany had nightmares as well.

Cohort won the chili cheese fries round on a phone a friend LOTR question.

E=MC Hammer crushed the Andre question, and somehow stormed into a second place finish. All that time in the nunnery was well spent.

Paddy Cake were torn on which insulting team name to use, and despite my best efforts, managed to pull off the win.

Trouble in Paradise brought all their friends again and snuck into a 3rd place finish despite no math questions.

Lots of drinks, lots of thinks, if you didn't win then your team stinks.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Paddy Cake, Paddy Cake, Baker's Man 88 11 1.000
2 10193 E=MC Hammer 82 10 0.909
3 Trouble In Paradise 81 9 0.818
4 Mean Meat 72 8 0.727
5 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 67 7 0.636
6 The Cohort 59 5 0.500
6 Plan B 59 5 0.500
8 Four Guys Eating Nuts 54 4 0.364
9 Prestige Worldwide 52 3 0.273
10 10481 Our Combined IQ Is... 48 2 0.182
11 The Wankers 45 1 0.091
12 The Roughnecks 43 0 0.000


Wed Sep 21 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

I did not play my all Hootie and The Blowfish music round as I planned. Seriously, if you don't like Hootie and the Blowfish, don't even bother coming to OB's trivia. I literally play them every week and no one has ever mentioned it.

Had a whole bunch of extra hardcore trivia teams in today. Apparently B Dubs is no longer doing trivia on Wednesday nights, so OB's inherited some extra teams. Woop Woop. Boy, they were not expecting such a run for their money. Cerberus won though! It was their first time, and I'm glad that a new team was able to seal their place amongst the OB's winners' roster.

Jana crushed it again as the only server on. Bonnie complained about me playing the Jackson 5, so I had to play The Beatles for the rest of the evening.

Cerberus, the three headed monster, came out on top! They were very enthusiastic for a new team, and if they become regulars, the others will be getting a run for their money.

Cohort second place! How did this happen? No Seth? No Alex? No Tyson? No Problem! We somehow had zero sports questions which undoubtedly played in their favour. It's spelled favor you idiot, this is America, love it or leave it. Sarah is the best, Allison is the best, woop woop, 2 player second place, that's impressive no matter how you spin it.

E=MC Hammer came in third! Even without Mineko, but that's fine because I removed all of the science questions. Right now she's in a nunnery in Detroit, which is the most depressing sentence I've ever written. Third place ain't so shabby though. Well done!

Wallets of El Segundo were controversial from the get go. Chris was having a boys night (wink wink)... But we all agree it was good because his grumpiness would have been at a 10/10. He'll find out why next week. Tiffany got a bonus point for drawing a picture of a fez.

Rachel and Megan were in Tahoe celebrating mama berry's bday. Happy Birthday! Why do they make the recap if they don't show up? Because I love them and I do what I want.

We laughed, we cried, we drank, we answered questions.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10187 DaNile 55 8 1.000
2 The Cohort 53 7 0.875
3 10193 E=MC Hammer 52 6 0.750
4 Daddy Issues 51 5 0.625
5 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 44 4 0.500
6 Trouble In Paradise 41 3 0.375
7 10218 Team Netherlands 36 2 0.250
8 Quiz Bros +1 35 1 0.125
9 Syrian Skittles 29 0 0.000


Wed Sep 14 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

Quizmaster Fail.

Wallets of El Segundo won?!

Cohort placed?!

E=MC Hammer won the chili cheese fries?!

Polar Bear Uprising couldn't pull off the three-peat, but came in third so it wasn't a total bust.

Jesse Can't Wait came an unenviable 4th place.

Jana was the only server on and rocked it like a hurricane.

I finished the quiz super early just to spite Rachel.

That's all folks.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 68 11 1.000
2 The Cohort 66 10 0.909
3 Polar Bear Uprising 59 9 0.818
4 10555 Jesse Can't Wait 57 8 0.727
5 10481 Our Combined IQ Is... 55 7 0.636
6 10193 E=MC Hammer 54 6 0.545
7 Plan B 52 5 0.455
8 Bangerz and Mash 45 3 0.318
8 Slo Cals 45 3 0.318
10 Charlie's The Dog's Angels 35 2 0.182
11 Burnt 33 1 0.091
12 Expense Pass Through 32 0 0.000