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Wed Aug 17 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

Sooooo.... I'll let you figure out from the pictures which team proudly declared that they were going to win the quiz before it started, and then... well... not so much. It's a shame they covered their faces because they're super pretty. Speaking of which, I'm fairly certain OB's pub and grill in Manhattan Beach has the best looking trivia teams in all of Los Angeles.

The top 1 and 2 teams tonight had both taken the last few weeks off to hang their heads in shame. Trouble In Paradise brought the biggest team I've ever seen, and it finally worked out in their favor. They're usually amazingly good at coming in 4th place. They did it 4 weeks in a row at one stage... But not tonight! Jen is headed to Australia next week and needed a first placed send off. She asked an Aussie local at the bar what she should do while she's in Sydney, and he told her to sleep with as many Australians as possible. Sound advice. Jeanine rocked it like a hurricane as always, and they crushed the chili cheese fries round by being the only team to successfully name the one white girl on the USA gymnastics team.

For as much as I was rooting for Charles to lose again (especially because he brought 2 Germans with him)... He somehow managed to pull off a third place showing. Well done. I played Motley Crue and George Harrison for him in celebration.

I wanted to talk about Stranger Things with Rachel but she's only seen episode 1. C'mon Rachel, pick up the pace! "I can't binge watch" "You're the worst 20-something I know." Then she thought a Fellbeast was a Nazgul. It was all downhill from there.

Jesse Can't Wait finally brought Amy back and for once didn't finish dead last. 2nd place! Cody also finally brought his girlfriend with him. I told her she wasn't as pretty as the girl he brought with him last week. We both agreed to never see or speak to one another ever again.

I only got booed twice today, which is less than normal. Apparently no one in this country has ever heard of the Swingometer and I was a dickhead for having asked about it. Also, far too many teams wrote General Custard instead of Custer which is a poor reflection of the American schooling system. But I allowed it. Custard is always worth a point in my books.

Rock on as always gangstas, see you next Wednesday.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Trouble In Paradise 61 10 1.000
2 Jesse Can't Wait 59 9 0.900
3 England is #2 In The Medals 57 8 0.800
4 10399 Year of the Rat 56 7 0.700
5 E=MC Hammer 43 6 0.600
6 The Cohort 40 5 0.500
7 King Trivia in Tokyo 2020 31 3 0.350
7 Phil Collins Is My Uncle 31 3 0.350
9 A2 30 2 0.200
10 Dead Heads 25 1 0.100
11 Bayview Trio 20 0 0.000


Wed Aug 10 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

I got to the perfect level of beer intake. One where I could legally drive home, but only if I stopped into McDonalds first. Chicken nuggets please. What kind of sauce? No sauce. No sauce? (The incredulity in his tone is insulting.) I pay, and he asks me again. Are you sure you don't want any sauce? Yes, Daniel, I am sure.

Listen, I'm not anti-sauce. But I can eat them all before I get home with no sauce. Who has time to fiddle with mini bbq tubs when driving? Sometimes I get bbq sauce just to avoid their judging sneers. I don't eat it. But I figured starving children in Africa probably don't eat McDonalds bbq sauce anyway.

Onto the recap! We had a nearly perfect game going tonight! Charlestown Chiefs (Yes, from Slapshot) doubled down every round (plus 10 points on "who am i?")... and got 8 out of 10 on round 7... 98 total points. I shit you not.

E=MC Hammer came in a strong second. 74 is usually good enough for a win. I chatted with Courtney for a while before the rest of the team arrived. She got a scholarship for water polo and being pretty darn smart me thinks. Manaiko strolled in late. She thought I didn't notice.

The Wallets of El Segundo were comfortably in third place, but then Chris complained and Tiffany showed me her boobs and got minus 12 points. Yes, apparently I said on the microphone "Wallets of El Segundo showed me their boobs and got minus 12 points"... "Great," Tiffany tells me, "Now everyone in the pub thinks my boobs are so terrible, they're worth -6 points each." Can you motorboat someone with an index finger? Yes.

In other news, Michael Phelps won 2 gold medals in the time it took me to eat 1 medium pizza.

The real fireworks began after round 3. Lemmy's Mole reported "definite" cheating by Harper's Harlots in the corner. I'd seen Harper's Harlots terrible answer sheets from the first few rounds, and had doubts about this alleged cheating.

So vocal were Lemmy's Mole that Harper's Harlots took to writing "We're not cheating" at the top of their answer sheets.

My favorite moment was when I walked over to the bathroom to see Lemmy's Moles pounding on the ladies room door screaming about how Harper's Harlots are looking up answers inside.

Trivia sure does bring out all the characters.

In other news, it's normal to have a new team come up to me and tell me (not ask, mind you) that my accent is fake, today we had a team called "My accent is fake" so I guess that counts.

All in all a successful night. Jana, Katelyn, and Bonnie all serving up good times.

That's a wrap!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Charlestown Chiefs 98 11 1.000
2 10193 E=MC Hammer 74 10 0.909
3 Spartacus 61 9 0.818
4 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 58 8 0.727
5 Harper's Harlots 54 7 0.636
6 Penguins On Ice 38 5 0.500
6 Doper Than Russia 38 5 0.500
8 Room For Improvement 36 4 0.364
9 Lemmy's Mole 30 3 0.273
10 O.B. Literated 28 2 0.182
11 Black and Orange 23 1 0.091
12 My Accent Is Fake 20 0 0.000


Wed Aug 3 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

It was a slugfest out there. Our last 3 championship teams all showed up, plus several other regular teams. E=MC2 have come in second and third place a number of times but tonight was their night to triumph. A few bold double or nothings saw them through to the winner's podium. Courtney, Sabine, Manaiko (sp?), and Andre were in fine form, and even though I reneged on my promise not to call them out in front of everyone, they were able to pull out a victory. Damn they're a good looking group too.

Bonnie, Amy, Reese, and Katelyn were working today which means that everyone got amazing service, and I got all the leftover beers from the bar.

Cohort were in fine form, especially considering Sarah showed me photos from when she was an awkward middle schooler. It would have been worth bonus points had the quizmaster code of ethics allowed for such things.

Charles showed up and accused me of playing Rush just to mess with him, even though he loves Rush. Also, Charles finished in last place. I hope he reads this post. Spoiler alert: once Charles showed me his nipples in false hopes of scoring extra trivia points...

Wallets of El Segundo won last week after a couple weeks off. They assured me they weren't going to do well, but then they won. Just goes to show, it doesn't matter how loudly you masturbate in the corner tent on your camping trip, you always have a chance at winning King Trivia. Am I allowed to say that on this blog? I have a feeling someone will let me know if not.

Year of the Rat brought their whole family to play today. Rachel and Megan promised to buy me a "make America great again" hat... I hope she comes through on this promise because I love it when the whole pub boos me after each show. Also Tessa read the Harry Potter play and does not recommend it.

Quiz bros showed up without one of the bros, but they did bring a very pregnant girl who I unspectacularly complimented on how amazing she was looking despite being pregnant. It came out even worse than that sentence read in real life... Pretty awkward, this is what I get for trying to be nice. Maybe she'll name the baby John... Or maybe we'll never see her again. Time will tell.

Tequila Mockingbird in the house! Haven't seen these cats in months and months. Welcome back!

Charlestown Chiefs won the last two times they came in. But this time their table had been stolen by another team (wallets of el segundo FYI in case you wanted to fight them after class by the bike racks)... Nick, Kai, and Sina (sp?) informed me that Drew was not coming today, but it didn't matter because he doesn't know anything anyway. Just kidding, they didn't say that... or did they? Although they sat in the suspicious corner where every team is accused of using their phones, they got third place. Well done!

Team "winning" we're always asking for trouble with that name, but put in a very respectable performance narrowly missing out on the prizes, and looking good doin it.

Lil Sebastians were there and those girls are all so darn pretty that I kept forgetting to read out their score. Hopefully they'll show up next week and ace the Parks and Rec round which (although statistically improbable) could technically be a theme round.

Jesse can't wait were without Amy tonight which was always going to spell disaster. And no, it was not because I didn't have a music round.

That about wraps it up. Look forward to seeing everyone again next week!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10193 E=MC Hammer 76 12 1.000
2 Quiztopher Walken 73 11 0.917
3 Charlestown Chiefs 69 10 0.833
4 Winning 63 9 0.750
5 Lil Sebastians 59 8 0.667
6 The Cohort 52 7 0.583
7 10399 Year Of The Rat 48 6 0.500
8 10243 The Wallets Of El Segundo 43 5 0.417
9 Tequila Mockingbird 37 3 0.292
9 Smell My Finger 37 3 0.292
11 Jesse Can't Wait 30 2 0.167
12 Bojack's Bender 26 1 0.083
13 The Lone Rangers + 3rd Wheel 22 0 0.000