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Thu Dec 15 2016
| by Quizmaster Donnie Shradar

Round 1:  Easy first round for everyone... that is once we got past the 'Cum Laude' hiccup.  The phrase means 'with distinction' or 'with honors.'  After a little booing from the crowd, we did some research and found that 8 teams scored a '12' instead of a '0'.

Round 2:  Everyone seemed to know their Saturday morning cartoons.

Round 4:  I had never heard of Gal Gadot, but apparently many players did (Pictured:  subject of 'Who Am I' round)

Round 5:  All answers' commonality was they were all slang terms for drugs (Mary Jane, Crack, Special K, etc.)

Round 7:  Every team got at least 10 points in the final round.  Top teams named 10 of the 13 non-Super Bowl winning NFL teams to keep ahold of the top three spots.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Todd Gurley...he sure is 77 9 1.000
2 Seal Club Clubbing Club 76 8 0.889
3 Lizzie fo Shizzle 69 7 0.778
4 HMT Gone Wrong 66 5 0.611
4 Alabama Hot Pockets 66 5 0.611
6 I Saw Mommy Giving a Portuguese Breakfast to Santa Claus 62 4 0.444
7 None Ya's 46 2 0.278
7 Putin 4 Secretary of State 46 2 0.278
9 Velvet Paws 36 1 0.111
10 Little Willy Billy 29 0 0.000


Thu Dec 8 2016
| by Quizmaster Donnie Shradar

We barely avoided Overtime for a second straight week after a nail-biting TNF game (Raiders @ Chiefs).  We got started at 8:45pm with a few disappointed Raiders fan, but overall, everyone having a blast!

Round 1:  No one was correct in guessing that it was Copernicus that first said that the earth is rotating around the sun.  Nearly every team put Galileo.  I had to double-check to be sure, but it was indeed Copernicus.  (Pictured:  "Heretic" Copernicus risking his life to be a smart person)

Round 2:  Dog breed 'Puli' seemed to trip everyone up, but overall, people knew their dog breeds when looking at their pictures.

Round 5:  This round seemed tough, so we worked our way backwards.  For the sake of everyone having a good time, the 'Connection' was provided prior to reading questions 1 - 9.  All answers were some kind of 'herb.'

We will see everyone next Thursday at 8:30pm!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Shit Bob Brown Pants 44 7 1.000
2 Go Down 100 41 5 0.786
2 How the Grinch Stole My Virginity 41 5 0.786
4 Torrance Two-some 35 3 0.500
4 Velvet Paws 35 3 0.500
6 Safe Space for Snow Angels 33 2 0.286
7 6 Balls, 1 Chain 30 1 0.143
8 White Baby For Sale 22 0 0.000


Thu Dec 1 2016
| by Quizmaster Donnie Shradar

After an exciting conclusion to Thursday Night Football (missed 2-pt conversion that would have forced Overtime), trivia got started right on time!

Miller Lite specials going on, and representative Andrea from Miller Lite generously donated a Miller Lite sweater to give away.  I gave it away to the team with the best team name, which I am not going to reveal here!  She promises to offer up many more swag for future trivia nights!

Round 3 (Time After Time theme):  There was no Cyndi Lauper reference here.  We learned all about time while having a great time.  (Pictured:  Image from original The Time Machine movie, which is based on the novel written by H.G. Wells)

Round 7 (Name the Artist):  All bands contained some sort of animal.  I was told that Cat Stevens was tricky, but I don't think so!  The only stretch was Def Leppard, since it's not quite spelled the same.

Team Cannibal Caviar won for the 3rd straight week!  (Were called 'Election Erection' past two weeks.)

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Cannibal Caviar 75 8 1.000
2 Dashing thru the Ho's 66 7 0.875
3 10071 Analrapists 53 6 0.750
4 Gertrude Bomb Squad 44 5 0.625
5 Oh My God the Elevator is Broken 42 4 0.500
6 The Lucia Liquors 39 3 0.375
7 These Hoes Ain't Joyful 37 2 0.250
8 My Date Said She'd Give me a BJ if We Win Best Team Name 33 1 0.125
9 Shire Yokai (Butthole Eye Ghost) 15 0 0.000