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When a fine dining Chef decides to take the edge off and open a classic Public House:


For years, I have worked and thrived in fine dining restaurants, and during the last few years I knew I wanted to open my own place. I dreamed of a restaurant that combined all the types and styles of food & beverage, as well as overall restaurant brands that I frequented the most – restaurants and pubs that provided excellence in consistency and quality at a fair price based on the overall experience and environment.


I knew I couldn’t’ let go of all the detail and intensity of running a fine dining restaurant, such as my love of the freshest product available, carefully cared for local ingredients and an educated staff to execute my service vision. I wanted to keep the things I liked about fine dining (service excellence, outstanding food quality, specialty cocktails, local craft beer, a thoughtful wine list, etc.) and dump all the stuffiness of fine dining; reservations, stiff, coarse service and a menu that requires exhaustive explanation with shocking prices.


The result is Longmont Public House, a Longmont restaurant and Longmont bar, named for the traditional pubs and local restaurants as a place that serves as an extension of our community gathering places for anyone seeking house made food and hand-crafted drink. The Longmont Public House menu plays to good food, delicious drinks and a warm, comfortable environment while applying the philosophy of top quality food products to a more casual dining setting. We present to you what we believe will take its place as the best restaurant in Longmont.



Wed Jun 13 2018
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

Tonight was a bittersweet night at the Longmont Public House; sad because it was the last night at LPH (as management has decided to discontinue the games) but sweet because the turnout was so high and the contest so spirited. The night became a two-horse race early, as Band Of Bezonians jumped out early (hitting successful double-or-nothing tries in Rounds 1 & 3) while Brown Chicken, Brown Cow kept close by also doubling in Round 3. The rest of the field were bunched tightly near 3rd place; notably, returning regulars MGBK rebounded from a failed double attempt in Round 1 and steadily climbed back into the race through the night.

Brown Chicken took advantage of a failed double try by the Bezonians to leap into 1st place by 2 points after the Guess Who round, and a successful double in Round 5 (against 8 out of 10by the Bezonians) gave Brown Chicken a 14-point lead after 5 rounds; Band Of Bezonians turned the table in Round 6, scoring a successful double (while Brown Chicken scored 8) to make the margin a mere 2 points entering Round 7. No team scored fewer than 4 points nor more than 6 in the final round; Brown Chicken's 6 correct answers clinched the honors, with Band Of Bezonians finishing 2nd, 4 points back. First-timers Trivia's Last Stand finished in 3rd place, 5 points in front of 4th place MGBK .

I would like to thank all who have played at LPH these past few months for being such good sports and such friendly people. A shout out to the staff and management at the Longmont Public House for their support, you made the whole experience enjoyable. It has been a true pleasure being your Quizmaster, I hope to see you all again soon!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 67 8 1.000
2 14834 Band of Bezonians 63 7 0.875
3 Trivia'sLast Stand 53 6 0.750
4 13380 MGBK 48 5 0.625
5 13541 #momjeans 36 4 0.500
6 Hell Or High Water 32 2 0.312
6 13452 Table for four? 32 2 0.312
8 13385 Ritt Momson 27 1 0.125
9 KG/JaneM 3 0 0.000


Wed Jun 6 2018
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

Tonight's contest featured 3 teams of "regulars" and 2 first-timers. #momjeans jumped out in front from the beginning and were poised to caost to victory before things got very tight at the finish line, while the newbies (Scout's Pals and Taco Bell & The Cottonelles) lagged well behind early on. #momjeans led Band Of Bezonians and Brown Chicken Brown Cow by 1 point after 1 round and by 11 after Round 2, after a successful double-or-nothing in the Picture Round. The Bezonians made up 1 point on #momjeans in Round 3 (and 2 points on Brown Chicken, and when #momjeans correctly named the Guess Who subject on the 10-point clue while all the other teams took a -1, the ladies led by no fewer than 21 points!

Band Of Bezonians scored 9 out of 10 in the Find The Connection round to gain 2 points on both #momjeans and Brown Chicken, and their 10 of 10 in ROund 6 (matched by #momjeans) gained theman additional 3 points on Brown Chicken, Brown Cow. After 6 rounds, the standings showed #momjeans with 55 points, the Bezonians with 36, Brown Chicken with 29 and Scout's Pals lagging behind with 20; Taco Bell & The Cottonelles, trying to catch up to the field, scored 8 out of 10 on each of the final 2 rounds but attempted double-or-nothings each time and the zeroes relegated them to 5th place. Brown Chicken Brown Cow scored 8 out of 10 in the final round but were nosed out at the finish line for 3rd place by newcomers Scout's Pals, who had multiple connections to the Big 12 Conference and hit a double to move 3 points past Brown Chicken for 3rd place. Likewise Band Of Bezonians had 2 alumni of Big 12 schools and converted a successful double-or-nothing to rocket to 56 points; they came up just short as #momjeans got 3 correct answers to edge them 58-56 and hold on for the win.

It merits pointing out that all teams and players were tremendous good sports, applauding and encouraging each other all night; it has been a pleasure being your Quizmaster. Let's do it one more time next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13541 #momjeans 58 4 1.000
2 14834 Band of Bezonians 56 3 0.750
3 Scout's Pals 40 2 0.500
4 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 37 1 0.250
5 Taco Bell & The Cottonelles 11 0 0.000


Wed May 30 2018
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

Family vacations made turnout lower than usual this week, with 3 teams of regulars being joined by first-timers MoJo; for the 2nd consecutive week, we had a birthday celebrant among the participants! The newbies (MoJo) hovered near the lead in the early going, while Brown Chicken, Brown Cow and #momjeans set the initial pace: those two teams each scored 5-of-6 in Round 1 and 7-of-8 in the picture round. Brown Chicken's 6 in Round 3 moved them 1 point in front of #momjeans, while MoJo were only 3 points off the pace; those members of Band Of Bezonians NOT out of town lurched out of the gate and trailed the field early. Brown Chicken correctly (and impressively) named the "Guess Who" subject of Round 4 on the first clue for the maximum 10 points, the first of 3 consecutive rounds in which they got all 10 available points (while uncharacteristically electing not to double on any of those occasions). MoJo and the Bezonians each answered correctly for 8 points, while #momjeans seemed to sink their hopes with a -1 to fall to 4th place. The ladies rebounded quickly with 9-of-10 in Round 5, gaining 4 points each on Mojo and the Bezonians. When #momjeans and Band Of Bezonians each scored 7 out of 10 in Round 6, the positions were clearly defined entering the final round: Brown Chicken had a 16-point lead and were assured of victory barring a catastrophe. #momjeans led the Bezonians by 3 for 2nd place and MoJo were only 1 point out of 3rd position.

Round 7 proved to be exceedingly difficult, as the low score was 1 point (by 2 teams) and the high score was....2 points, also by 2 teams. #momjeans gained a point on their two pursuers to claim 2nd place, while the Bezonians held of MoJo by a point to finish 3rd. Brown Chicken, Brown Cow were deserved winners, having won maximum points (without doubling down) in 4 consecutive rounds and at least tying for high score in EVERY round. Hats off to the winners, and to all who participated....oh, and Happy Birthday Molly!

See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 52 3 1.000
2 13541 #momjeans 36 2 0.667
3 14834 Band of Bezonians 32 1 0.333
4 Mojo 31 0 0.000
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