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  • PUB QUIZ—Mondays @ 7:00pm
About Schilling Cider House

Seattle's only 100% craft cider tap house, with 8 dedicated Schilling cider taps, 24 rotating taps, 2 of which are on Nitro. We feature predominately PacNW ciders, but frequently have craft ciders from England, France, Spain and of course the rest of the USA. We specialize in "you call it" flights of 6 ciders, but have 10oz and pint pours of course!

We have zero corkage on bottles and are the perfect place to get a growler fill of your favorite cider below 7% ABV. We don't have food, but you can bring in whatever food you like to pair with your cider and we host monthly potlucks.

Free Wi-Fi and games are available, so pull a stool up to our big shared tables and make a new friend!


Sun Dec 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Thomas Chen

A short time ago in a Schilling Cider House not too far, far away...


Episode trIVia - The Quiz of Skywalker

It is a period of trivial war. Fans, from casual to hardcore, have gathered to test their Star Wars knowledge against each other. Let the Wookie Win, a one-man team, came confident and ready to win. Keep Cloud City Weird, John Williams Fan Club, and Rebel Scum also gathered for this challenge. Happy Beeps situated themselves at the center of the cider house in their spectacular costumes. Some photos were taken prior to the start.

Introductions were made and the teams were ready. They were off to a good start in the first couple of rounds, getting a taste of the challenge before them. Happy Beeps took the lead, but close behind them were John Williams Fan Club and Keep Cloud City Weird. It was a close race to the finish between these three teams. In the "Guess Who" Round #4, John Williams Fan Club went in at the 10 point clue with the correct answer, taking the lead by 1 point. The next round, Happy Beeps caught up and were tied with them for the lead. At the end of Round #6, before the last round, it was very close battle between Happy Beeps (35 pts), John Williams Fan Club (34 pts), and Keep Cloud City Weird (33 pts).

During the battle, Rebel Scum managed to steal secret plans to the best team name. With the bar staff's unanimous vote, their name was armored with enough power to destroy the other team names. They were awarded with a gift card to Schilling Cider House.

Pursued by the two teams closely behind, Happy Beeps races home in Round #7, victors of the trivia night (by just 1 point ahead of John Williams Fan Club)! They saved their people and restored freedom to the galaxy.

Thank you Schilling Cider House & bar staff for hosting our King Trivia's Star Wars Trivia Event in Seattle! And to everyone who came out to play, with amazing sportsmanship and fun attitude. We had a blast. Until next time, may the force be with you.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 24348 Happy Beeps 42 4 1.000
2 John Williams Fan Club 41 3 0.750
3 Keep Cloud City Weird 33 2 0.500
4 Let the Wookie Win 26 1 0.250
5 Rebel Scum 18 0 0.000


Mon Dec 9 2019
| by Quizmaster Jim Webber

The cider flowed and double-points were scored Monday night at Schilling Cider House. Jessica played along (unofficially) while tending bar and declared this week's Picture and Handout Rounds to be the most difficult in a long time. Jessica is camera shy, but Quiz Master Jim included a selfie this week if you can't live without seeing him. He's celebrating with this week's winning team - Tragic. Team Tragic did not live up to their name and were all smiles at the end.

Team Jigglypuff Puff Pass came in a close second and were the best of sports when they went Double or Nothing in the Theme Round and incorrectly guessed Abraham instead of Jacob for the 12 Tribes of Israel question. Their cutest member, whose name Quizmaster Jim neglected to record but who is pictured in this recap, named "Cerberus" the best answer of the evening.

Teams Dem Apples and and My Long Lost Appendix kept pace and kept the cider going. They also were part of a first for this Quiz Master and, according to Jessica, for Schilling Cider House. In one round, EVERY team went DOUBLE OR NOTHING and EVERY team had a perfect round. They did it by knowing all 8 Monopoly spaces that cannot be bought. It was a high risk moment of the game. Going into that final round, any team could have come in first.

Tragic was first this week. Next week (same tie, same place) -- it could be you!



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Tragic 52 3 1.000
2 24217 Jigglypuff Puff Pass 48 2 0.667
3 Dem Apples 39 1 0.333
4 21049 My Long-lost Appendix 38 0 0.000


Mon Dec 2 2019
| by Quizmaster Jim Webber

After one of the closest competitions this QM has seen in a while, team Touched By An Uncle prevailed to win First Place at Schilling Cider House on Monday night. Jessica kept everyone supplied with the best cider from the biggest selection in miles as the teams pondered topics like exes and soups and ivy. All of the teams struggled with "Guess Who?" this week -- no team guessed before the 4-point clue.

Team Marcos got off to a slow start but came on strong at the end, including a strategic use of Double or Nothing in Round 6 that propelled them into second place. After all of the teams were surprised to learn Tomato is not one of Campbell's "cream of" soups, it was Touched By An Uncle in first, Marcos in second and My Long Lost Appendix in third. Team Cider wins a special spirit award for having a blast even when answers were a mystery.

As a special bonus, shy QM Jim makes an appearance in the photos this week. You can see how shy he is by his expression.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 22856 Touched by an Uncle 51 5 1.000
2 Marcos 49 4 0.800
3 21049 My Long-lost Appendix 45 3 0.600
4 Sheme 28 2 0.400
5 24093 Lobos 26 0 0.100
5 Cider 26 0 0.100