Schilling Cider House

708 N 34th St
Seattle WA 98103
(206) 420-7088
  • PUB QUIZ—Mondays @ 7:00pm
About Schilling Cider House

Seattle's only 100% craft cider tap house, with 8 dedicated Schilling cider taps, 24 rotating taps, 2 of which are on Nitro. We feature predominately PacNW ciders, but frequently have craft ciders from England, France, Spain and of course the rest of the USA. We specialize in "you call it" flights of 6 ciders, but have 10oz and pint pours of course!

We have zero corkage on bottles and are the perfect place to get a growler fill of your favorite cider below 7% ABV. We don't have food, but you can bring in whatever food you like to pair with your cider and we host monthly potlucks.

Free Wi-Fi and games are available, so pull a stool up to our big shared tables and make a new friend!


Mon Aug 5 2019
| by Quizmaster Natalie Desjardins

On Monday nights at Schilling Cider, we got dinos...we got dogs...we got...pierogies?

Trivia regulars Sith Happens (this time + a Trekkie) continued their weeks-long winning streak with a commanding win over fellow regular competitors A Team Has No Name (2nd place). While we can't confirm reports that they influenced the game results by stuffing the Quizmaster, Your Truly, with Russian dumplings...it probably didn't hurt their cause. Oh yeah, and those two successful double-or-nothing rounds didn't hurt either. Collusion!

Elsewhere in the bar, we saw strong showings by first-time teams My Doula Oblong Catas and Mamasehmamasahmakamusah, both of whom remained within one point of a second-place finish until our final round.

Last, but certainly not least, one-person team Biff Jerky occupied last place on the board, but first place in my heart, with some truly hilarious answers. Who knew that Eddie Murphy's top grossing film was "Madea...all of them?" We do now. Biff Jerky's commitment to the comedy won them our honorary "Favorite Team Name" prize at the end of the game.

That's it for this week. Will Sith Happens continue to dominate, possibly while bribing the Quizmaster? Will we ever see Biff Jerky again? Will your Quizmaster ever have to say the dreaded words "New York Yankees" five times in one night ever again? Come find out next Monday at 7pm!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 21406 Sith Happens + a Trekkie 71 4 1.000
2 21582 A Team Has No Name 47 3 0.750
3 My Doula Oblong Catas 43 2 0.500
4 Mamasehmamasahmamakusah 35 1 0.250
5 Biff Jerky 18 0 0.000


Mon Jul 29 2019
| by Quizmaster Natalie Desjardins

Schilling Cider House came to play this week. This was the biggest turnout that King Trivia has seen at this relatively new venue so far, and our seven enthusiastic teams all faced a lofty challenge. Not only did we have some top talent playing the game, but these were some of the toughest questions that our regular players have come up against yet. Game on!

After some Round 1 General Knowledge and Round 2 Floral Album Covers, My Long Lost Appendix said "C.U. Later" to the other teams, leaving them in the dust after a gator-themed Round 3.

Round 4, usually a "Guess Who," changed course this week into a "Guess What!" This threw several of our teams off their game, as we only had one group brave enough to turn in an early response (and losing a point for the incorrect response). Our other 6 teams played it safe, with most teams guessing the musical "Oklahoma!" correctly just in time for the 2-point clue.

Round 6 saw our very first upset of the game. Sith Happens went from zero (points) to heroes, averaging out an early zero-point round with a successful double-or-nothing in Round 6 and snatching the lead away from fellow regulars My Long Lost Appendix.

Round 7 got real cheesy, with each team being asked to name the top ten most popular cheeses in the U.S. All teams performed very well, with one common error across each and every team-- American cheese was not on the list, proving that there is some justice in this cold, cruel world.

Our unanimous favorite for "best team name," Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber, pulled their own hiding act after Round 4, leaving runners-up A Team Has No Name to take the honorary third prize trophy. Sith Happens maintained their first place lead, with My Long Lost Appendix clocking in at second...proving that regulars really do have more fun.

It was another night full of lots of laughs, delicious cider, and just enough pedantry to keep things interesting. Thanks again to all of our players, both regulars and first timers. Hope to see you all back at Schilling Cider House, next Monday at 7pm!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 21406 Sith Happens 49 5 1.000
2 21049 My Long-lost Appendix 40 4 0.800
3 20589 Lee Pace's Lover, Dan Harmon's Son, and Goose's Mother 37 3 0.600
4 A Team Has No Name 34 2 0.400
5 Schill Bill 25 1 0.200
6 Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber 7 0 0.000


Mon Jul 22 2019
| by Quizmaster Natalie Desjardins

It was a hot one both indoors and out at Schilling Cider House this Monday, as two past-week top performers, the teams formerly known as Sith Happens and Trivia Neutron Bomb, joined forces to create the most dominant supergroup that Seattle has seen since Temple of the Dog.

Their newly-formed Aubrey Plaza Hotel California Raisins took a commanding lead early on with a first-round doubs-or-noth bet that paid off.

Out-of-towners Quiz Team Aguilera brought the Manhattan heat wave all the way out to the Best Coast. They had an impressive 6-round run, but a big bet Double-or-Nothing in Round 7 cost them a tie for second place at the very last second.

Repeat challengers And She's Calling a Cab brought their A-game against some tough competition. Although their 2-person team was outnumbered, they gave the leading team a run for the prize money with two perfect rounds and an almost-encyclopedic knowledge of Leo DiCaprio's highest-grossing films. In any other week, their absolutely titanic 68-point score would have been enough to sink the competition, but this week, there just wasn't enough room on that door.

After seven rounds, Aubrey Plaza Hotel California Raisins' 77-point game was just too much to overcome, and they clinched first prize as well as a win for best team name...but they might want to watch out for the Federal Trade Commission this week, since I hear they're about to crack down on on those antitrust laws.

Think you can topple these brainy repeat contenders? Come on down to Schilling Cider House next Monday at 7pm, and let's find out!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Aubrey Plaza Hotel California Raisins 77 2 1.000
2 21049 And She's Calling a Cab 68 1 0.500
3 Quiz Team Aguilera 45 0 0.000