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| In 2012, three dads, Akida Mashaka, John Speaks affectionately known to everyone simply as "Speaks", and Paddy Aubrey, met at their children’s preschool and had the idea to create a local neighborhood bar/restaurant concept that catered to local communities, with a fashionable yet relaxing ambiance, where you could go with your family, enjoy a refreshing weekend brunch, have parties, host events, meet up for lunch, catch the game, or simply hang out late night over drinks with friends.

The idea is to provide a friendly neighborhood pub with quality food and drinks that caters to everyone in the immediate and surrounding communities, hence the word "Public" in our name. Our motto "By the People, For the People" is indicative of our community pub concept.

We provide friendly service offering local farm-to-table seasonal contemporary American comfort cuisine with light and healthy options, paired with craft and local beers, quality wines, and specialty and classic cocktails. We offer weekend brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and late night ambiance. |



Tue Aug 14 2018
| by Quizmaster Walker Dowd-Whipple

All good things must come to an end as so with this night did King Trivia at the Hyperion Public. But we went out in style.

Saved by the Well knew the guess who subject well and correctly guessed Ava Duvernay on the 10 point clue! No other team got it before the four-point clue.

By round four, Bidlo Fagginz had amassed only one point. But in round 5 something amazing happened, Bildo managed to get a perfect round. Then in round 6, they did it again! Bildo really came from behind! (I'm so sorry)

Thr drinking round tonight had teams decide if a given scenario was something Nic Cage actually did in one of his movies. Tequila Mockingbird came out of their cage and did just fine, winning themselves the final drinking round!

At the end of the night, Tequila Mockingbird, who were playing their first game at Hyperion, won the final prize!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who came and joined me while I hosted here at the Hyperion Public.

So long and thanks for all the trivia.



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10155 Tequila Mockingbirds 82 4 1.000
2 14666 Saved By The Well 74 3 0.750
3 10016 Shanimals 56 2 0.500
4 Bildo Fagginz 50 1 0.250
5 I Sumaht 29 0 0.000


Tue Jul 31 2018
| by Quizmaster Walker Dowd-Whipple

Tonight was our penultimate game at the Hyperion Public here in Studio City, but what a game it was. We had returning teams and a few new faces squaring off for drinks and glory.

Teams had no trouble identifying most Winnie the Pooh characters during the picture round but couldn't identify their Heffalumps and Woozles so no double or nothings were played.

In a "Me" themed third round which shocking lacked a single question about me, we saw Saved By The Well get them all right and use a double to give themselves a nice lead over the other teams

Tonight's Guess Who round had teams try to deduce who a rich and philanthropic man who excelled at karate was. While some got it early on, it took one team until the two-point clue to figure out Bruce Wayne aka Batman was the answer we needed and deserved.

I was shook at how well teams did during tonight's drinking round which had them guess how many punny Drag Queen names from a list were actual RuPaul's Drag Race contestants. Two teams knew their queens and both got all 10 right. While the other teams sashayed away, we moved onto a drinking round tiebreaker between Slap the Bag and Ribmeat. Each team had to make up their own punny drag queen name for the prize. Slap The Bag snatched the crown in the end and was able to untuck backstage with some free drinks.

Like something unstoppable, Saved by the Well could not be stopped and won the night with 63 points! Congrats to all out teams and I hope to see you back here in two weeks on the 14th for our final trivia at Hyperion Public.


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14666 Saved By The Well 63 3 1.000
2 14543 Slap The Bag 38 2 0.667
3 13861 Ribmeat 35 1 0.333
4 I SMAHT 30 0 0.000


Tue Jul 24 2018
| by Quizmaster Walker Dowd-Whipple

Teams played it safe but that didn't mean tonight's game was any less exciting.

A tricky picture round had teams identify what book or play the movie/tv show shown was based on (West Side Story = Romeo and Juliet)

Johnny Carson was the answer to tonight's Guess Who round which all our teams got, though some took more time than others.

Tonight's drinking round had teams identify if a word was the name of a Star Wars character or a brand of birth control. Pig Sense knew their Blixus' from their Seif and won their team some free drinks.

The only two Double or Nothing attempts of the entire evening were played here and neither Steagles nor #GlennStrong ended up succeeding. However, this kept the scores for all four teams within 10 points of each other. Still anyone's game.

The final round of the night involved naming as many of the most recent Popes as a team could.

Despite a botched double or nothing, Steagles took home first place at the night's end with Pig Sense coming in second.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10041 Steagles 41 3 1.000
2 Pig Sense 39 2 0.667
3 3rd Wheel 36 1 0.333
4 #GlennStrong 28 0 0.000
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