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Wed Nov 2 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

Soooo yeah, baseball was on. Game 7 World Series. It was busy with "fans"... I say "fans" because no one actually cared that much about the game. One table got in a heated discussion about Trump vs Hillary and we put Andre in the way just in case it came to blows.

A couple teams nearly left, but persevered. After all, Sabeen didn't need to wake up until 7:59am. It's possible that the game never ended. I'm fairly certain they are still it playing now.

Did a super rushed version of trivia for the 7 teams that stuck around long enough. Ain't nobody got time fo chili cheese fries at 10:30pm

The good news was that Jesse Can't Wait finally showed up. The bad news is they got so drunk during the game that they heckled me mercilessly throughout the evening. The other good news is that Amy wore a cleavage shirt and got bonus points, and they somehow ended up coming in second place. It's Amy's birthday in 2 weeks, we will celebrate next week with a music round.

Mineko called in sick for trivia, but E=MC Hammer still managed to defeat their foes. Courtney told me a story about how she used to rip girls' arms out of their sockets when she played collegiate sports. She's quietly terrifying. You should have seen the look of dread on her ex-boyfriend's face when he walked in. He definitely knew his arm sockets were in danger. Also, Mineko does not like getting punched in the face.

Wallets of el segundo staked out the bar early to get a miniature table for the game. Shannon finally showed up. Woop woop. Chris threatened to leave early for the entire game, but resigned himself to the fact that he loves trivia. Side note: I'm pretty sure he hates trivia and inflicts it upon himself as some sort of sadomasochistic punishment. And Kitty Kat was in the house too, undressing me with her eyes (or so I tell myself)

Quiztopher Walken had a strong showing, but neglected to turn in their King Trivia pen, and lost out on the prizes.

"Baseball is wrong. A man with four balls cannot walk."--Confucius

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10193 E=MC Hammer 45 5 1.000
2 Jesse Can't Wait 44 4 0.800
3 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 40 3 0.600
4 10015 Quiztopher Walken 39 2 0.400
5 Juju Baby 29 1 0.200
6 Bone 22 0 0.000


Wed Oct 26 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

Sometimes I do the recap drunk, and sometimes I do the recap hungover, and sometimes Mary from King Trivia emails me 2 days later and tells me to get off my ass and write the damn recap.

For those of you who were there, you know it was my birthday. And also, you probably remember better than I do exactly what happened throughout the evening. And hopefully I didn't say anything too offensive and cause all of you to never come back again.

My birthday began as usual. Work. Problems. Idiots. Home. Booze. Let's talk about booze! I got home at 11pm and stayed up until 5am drinking champagne, rum and Orangina (side note: Americans don't know what Orangina is, do they? ---Or do they? side note#2: auto correct tried to change orangina to "Orangutan"), and finally, when all else dried up, we started on the straight whiskey. Thankfully I was not drinking all of this alone. My friend Drew flew in from England and was still on UK time. I already had a cold at this stage, but fuck it, it's my birthday, so I'm gonna drink.

I woke up in the afternoon sometime and ordered a pizza. What kind of pizza does quizmaster john order on his birthday? Let me tell you:

One half: pepperoni, italian sausage, green peppers, olives

Other half: bacon, pineapple, banana peppers, diced tomatoes

Go big or go home. It turns out that the pizza was a wise decision. I didn't know at the time, but I was going to have a lot of booze to soak up later that night.

And which night do I mean?! The only night that matters---Trivia Night at OB's!!!!

There was beer, fireball, presents, balloons, cake, hugs, kisses, motorboats, singing, dancing. There was even a guy named Coco Crisp playing baseball! It was a good night.

It was a less good night for my friend Drew who was by this time very sober and jet-lagged, and had to drive me home afterwards. "You are the most annoying drunk I've ever met," she told me the next day.

Annoying? moi?

Let's see what others had to say:

"I've never given so many hugs to one person in under one minute in my life."--Rachel from Year of the Rat.

That doesn't sound annoying at all! That sounds adooooorable.

"Hope you had an awesome threesome at the end of the night!" (winky face)-- Tiffany from Wallets of El Segundo (side note: it's unlikely this happened, unless I put back on all of my clothes afterwards--including my shoes and my brand new OB's trucker hat)

Yes Megan, I have another new hat now.

What DO I remember about trivia night?

I remember that Courtney told me that she didn't hate me, and she's a lawyer and they have to swear an oath not to lie, right?

Chris and Kitty Kat and Keith and Alia all showed up so Wallets had the full contingent! Now if only they'd invite me to more of their football orgies. (you think I'm joking, don't you?)

Sarah and Allison were in the house for Cohort, but sadly had to leave early to finish their PhDs. What a bunch of geeks! Also, allegedly Sarah will be in Portsmouth over Christmas (for reasons unknown), so she will come back glowing about what an amazing place it isn't.

Charles and Co saved up a year's worth of Portsmouth/UK jokes to unload all on one night. I tried to find some German and Canadian jokes, but they were too busy invading Poland and not mattering at all. Damn it, that's what I should have said.

Also, I was given a very kind birthday card where everyone pretended to like me despite my fake British accent. It warmed the cockles of me ol' heart it did.

Thanks for coming out to party everyone! We had more people come in for trivia than came in for the World Series, so that's a result! Baseball be damned! Long Live King Trivia!!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 78 10 1.000
2 10193 E=MC Hammer 71 9 0.900
3 Plan B 58 8 0.800
4 Go Fox Yourself 55 7 0.700
5 10015 Quiztopher Walken 53 6 0.600
6 10481 Our Combined IQ Is... 48 5 0.500
7 What Do You Call An Englishman In The Knockout Stages Of The World Cup? Referee 46 4 0.400
8 Tequila Mockingbird 35 2 0.250
8 The Cohort 35 2 0.250
10 Sputnik 27 1 0.100
11 Make El Porto Great Again 20 0 0.000


Wed Oct 19 2016
| by Quizmaster John Alexander

yo yo yo

soooooo... the dodgers were too busy playing the longest and shittiest game in history, so I had nothing to do but drink beer and talk to people.

moral of the story... it got a little sloppy. someone was giving out quadruple or nothings, and also, cannot count very well and scores were all over the place.

Just because Shawn can name 90% of WWF wrestlers does not mean he automatically gets to win the quiz. Or maybe it does. Depends on how terrible my score keeping is.

So everyone said to me, "You're not driving home are you?"... hmmmm... not sure exactly what that means, but maybe I drank too much? I dunno. Dodgers suck, I do what i want. Your Uber is arriving.

Also, congrats to E=MC Hammer for winning the quiz, until it turned out that they got second place. Woop Woop! Harry Potter trivia gonna be off the chain and we gonna have beers and funs. Andre got his very own question yet again. Mineko will be pleased to hear that I spilled a McFlurry on myself on the way home... How do you spill a mcflurry on yourself? well sometimes they fill it too high and then it melts a little bit and then you take the lid part off and it spills everywhere. Sabeen forwarded me an email today, which seems like something that should have happened about 11 years ago, but it's still strangely in practice today. and then there's Courtney who I'm not 100% sure if she likes me or hates me.

Year of the Rat! Sometimes I think Shawn only shows up to give me a hard time (that's what she said)... but yes, i do mean sexy time trivia. In this case though, he was correct and Year of the Rat did win the quiz. It seemed highly suspicious. I never should have let them do the scoring for me. Rachel and Megan and Angela all in the house talkin bout boys and movies which they liked or got bored in. Good times. Dodgers be damned. Rachel, please stop hugging me you creeper.

Wallets of El Segundo in the house. There was an inappropriate amount touching going on at their table. Or maybe appropriate... I can't figure it out. Chris showed up 2 rounds late, so he can happily blame his teammates for not winning. Although he did phone in his WWF answers, which is highly suspect, and yet, strangely allowed in this circumstance. Tiffany, keep wearing them grandma sweaters. You know how I like em.

For the final time this month it was not my birthday. Which means quite possibly trivia next week is going to be a drunken mess. I look forward to seeing you all...

Merry christmas to all, and to all a good niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Year of the Rat 81 8 1.000
2 10193 E=MC Hammer 71 7 0.875
3 10015 Quiztopher Walken 69 6 0.750
4 Charlestown Chiefs 62 5 0.625
5 Team TNA 52 4 0.500
6 10243 The Wallets of El Segundo 51 3 0.375
7 Go Fox Yourself 49 2 0.250
8 Aeropeeps 32 1 0.125
9 Mark's Lil Pee Pee's 26 0 0.000