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Unpretentious neighborhood bar with Karaoke, pool, shuffleboard, craft beer and cocktails!!!!



Sun Nov 18 2018
| by Quizmaster Steve Cerone

Sunday Nov. 18, 2018

by Quizmaster Steve Cerone

On Sunday night The Oaks Tavern was full of people, all of whom had two things in common-a love of trivia competition, and a desire to keep the weekend alive as long as possible.

A total of five teams came out to compete for prizes of gift certificates (for The Oaks), as well as a round of shots for their table.






Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15568 Jazz Hands 62 4 1.000
2 10058 Concentration Champs 46 3 0.750
3 11769 Awesome Sauced 45 2 0.500
4 12421 The Big Fact Hunt 42 1 0.250
5 12244 Dingo Daycare 34 0 0.000


Sun Nov 11 2018
| by Quizmaster Charles Fay

Veteran's Day trivia went great (aside from a few technical difficulties at the top of the match!) After taking second place in round one, "And All That Jazz Hands" fought their way back to remain dominant throughout the remainder of the game. Their lead really grew after round six when they doubled up and took a commanding 32 point lead over their next closest competitor. A few other teams doubled up throughout the game, like National Treasure during round two who were able to move into second place, a position which they held until the last round where they went for all the marbles and doubled again, only to come up short a few answers and rendering their round score 0. That didn't stop them from taking third place, though! Unhealthy Air Quality was able to squeak ahead into second after an impressive final round where they named 8 ISS-associated space stations, as well as shuttles launched by NASA -- more than any other team playing. Big props to veterans The Big Fact Hunt for their quizzing and hard fought fourth place - only two points behind Unhealthy Air Quality - and to new comers Los Trivieros! Congrats to all teams on a great Sunday night of trivia!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15568 And All That Jazz Hands 80 7 1.000
2 Unhealthy Air Quality 50 6 0.857
3 National Treasure 46 5 0.714
4 12421 The Big Fact Hunt 44 4 0.571
5 Los Trivieros 37 3 0.429
6 Beauty Buzzed Butts BFFS 20 2 0.286
7 Bossy Bottoms 18 1 0.143
8 Mathletes 16 0 0.000


Sun Nov 4 2018
| by Quizmaster Andrew Sandoval

DID YOU KNOW A SHARK IS A FISH!? We all learn something new everyday. Sunday night trivia was a blast! Tough questions but even tougher teams came out tonight. We saw few double downs except a strong double by awesome sauced round 3 which catapaulted them to the front of the pack. Great job Team 1 on the awesome drinking round win of high and low and to Awesome for the first place win!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11769 Awesome Sauced 56 3 1.000
2 Team 1 34 2 0.667
3 Big Fact Hunt 26 1 0.333
4 Jen and Litty 11 0 0.000