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Wed Mar 11 2020
| by Quizmaster Sanyee Yuan

A BIG WELCOME BACK to Andrew Purdy and Swade from I Lost My Virginity At...! 🙂

And their night back brought another set of double V's for the big W -- and back-to-back W's from last week!

Let's see if the team can continue their winning streak next week after St. Paddy's Day!

That is, if we don't make like the NBA and cancel all the rest of our season. Hopefully it won't come to that. But I love everyone so much I'd probably host live-stream trivia cuz I always love seeing all your faces every week! Y'all would just need to BYOB is the only thing and stock up on the dranks while we do live-stream trivia. But again, hopefully we needn't resort to such apocalyptic measures as to live in a full-fledged dystopian age of trivia hosts running games on a live-stream basis.

ANYWAYS we had a very, very exciting game all-around --

Los Tacos with the lovely penmanship was on a great track till the double down on Round 3 that did not work out in their favor. Coronas for $1 AKA our house team also had two unsuccessful double downs till a successful one in Round 3.

Mark Dellham Sux and Spicey-Meat-a-Ball duked it out for third place while I Lost My Virginity At... went head to head to try to swipe the lead from ModeloVirus who had an early lead from a successful back-to-back double-down in Celeb Tattoos Round 2 and McDonald's Round 3.

I Lost My Virginity At... also doubled down successfully for Round 3 and then their newest trivia member Max could not wipe the grin from his face as he got THE WHITE STRIPES at the 10-point clue instantaneously and walked that long Walk of Victory back to their table, where he proceeded to yell, "no touching! no touching!" when everyone wanted to throw on hugs and high fives. Cuz, ya know, Coronavirus precautions.

BUT there was plenty to cheer for as we went and played a Monopoly-themed Drinking Round --

and because I always subject everyone to talking about themselves -- did I mention I really like you guys and I'm cooped up all day working from home even on a non-Coronavirus basis because I'm a writer/studio + prodco script analyst/story consultant and all I do is read and write even though I'm deeply extroverted and thus trivia is also my reason to step out of my house and be around human civilization since my main friends are my squirrels --

Our Coronas for $1 rep: "I watched basketball this weekend"

Me: "good -- cuz you won't be doing any of that anymore anytime soon!"

Someone else (still mourning the loss of the NBA season): "ahhhh -- too soon!"

Purdy went to Mammoth.

Jackie went wedding dress shopping with her sis.

Our Los Tacos rep, Park, went drinking.

ModeloVirus as a group cooked 40 dishes last weekend and when asked what their team rep cooked, she said "skewers!"

Me: "you cooked 40 dishes and the most memorable one were the skewers?" JK -- I would remember a good skewer too.

And then I talked about how I just got back from the heels of my high school friend's wedding and recycled my dress to wear on the sunny Wednesday afternoon we just had. Such a fan of multi-purpose clothing especially since I'm a giant hoarder.

And I tried to casual it up as Keyvon noted with my cute leather jacket but then I had to take it off because I was uber-warm and started getting hot flashes cuz for all intents and purposes, I could be a 50-year-old Asian who dun raisin, right? Ya never know.

Our Coronas for $1 rep started us off with Baltic Avenue, there was some controversy (as is expected anytime anyone plays anything Monopoly-themed) as Jackie said Boardwalk Empire but she got her free pass, then the railroads got read off, Purdy said Oriental Ave which I remarked was the PC one ofc, and then our Coronas for $1 rep didn't realize ya had to listen to the rules and NOT repeat what someone else has said and got eliminated.

Then, it was down to Purdy and our ModeloVirus rep (sorry I'm gonna re-ask your name next time I see you!!) and then a utility company that had already been named was named again and Purdy stood victorious! He also had one more up his sleeve with North Carolina Avenue so there you go.

Well-won, well-earned, WELCOME back, my sole reader of these recaps 🙂

The ones that weren't said -- Atlantic Ave, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Pacific, Short Line, States, Tennessee, and Ventor!

Y'all actually did surprisingly well. I had a tiebreaker lined up -- asking how much total money is in a Monopoly game if you count up all the bills. But we didn't have to get to that!

I Lost My Virginity At... continued their momentum -- after Round 5, they were 56 to ModeloVirus's 61 with both teams successfully doubling down.

Then, they doubled down successfully on the handout again -- and though ModeloVirus got 'em all correct, they didn't double and so we saw I Lost My Virginity At... taking the lead at 76 and ModeloVirus moving to 71. Everything came down to the final round -- and all pens were returned --

...and Purell'd heavily.

And then...ModeloVirus doubled down but missed one and I Lost My Virginity At... got 8 and didn't double so we had our winners of the night.

To which ModeloVirus asked them, "What are you guys -- talent agents or something?"

They are a good-lookin' bunch, aren't they?

And I Lost My Virginity At... had the best answer of the night, "Nope -- we're all tech nerds."

And there we have it.

At one point I think I told Max he was the group's lucky charm too cuz usually pop culture isn't the team's greatest strength to which he gently rebuffed, "Ohhhh luck doesn't win trivia."

And then later that night, I found out Purdy saw a video of me on Ellen playing movie poster trivia and winning a trip to Ireland but wasn't sure if it was me and watched it like five days ago. LOL how different do I look on-screen versus in person??? But also the competitive streak came out when he told me I spent too long on Catch Me If You Can but heaped praise on the slew of movies I did get 🙂

And then we were all so competitive we all compared Uber ratings -- and Nathan had the highest one cuz he's 4.94. Must be because everyone gets charmed by the Aussies!

YAY safe trips to Purdy and Swade back off to Knoxville and Mexico -- and ofc your upcoming New Orleans trip for which I witnessed the booking adventure! I MISS YOU ALREADY don't ever forget me xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

OMG and I finally whipped out my new phone to take beautiful pix of everyone's faces and Jackie helped me learn how to use my phone cuz again, yours truly = grandma status.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11344 I lost my virginity at... 86 5 1.000
2 15751 ModeloVirus 73 4 0.800
3 22532 Mark Dellham Sucks 58 3 0.600
4 12619 Spicey Meat-A-Ball 43 2 0.400
5 18949 GOAL Regulators 40 1 0.200
6 25819 Los Tacos 19 0 0.000


Wed Mar 4 2020
| by Quizmaster Sanyee Yuan

Oh what a night at GOAL!

For those of us riding the highs -- or lows, of Super Tuesday, we sure got ourselves a very exciting game tonight at GOAL that had all the drama, if not more, as Super Tuesday.

We started out with three two-way ties amongst the six teams, with GOAL's Kinda Finest and Epstein Didn't Kill Himself with 5pts, Mark Dellham Sux and I Lost My Virginity At... 6pts, and Gangsta Lean and Spicey Meat-a-Ball with 7pts apiece.

Then, that criminals handout round stumped everyone with Patty Hearst except for Epstein Didn't Kill Himself who roared ahead with a successful double-down at 19pts to all the other teams' ties of 11 and 12pts.

Round Three was the "dead" theme -- oy wassup with the questions, tonight? First the criminals, then this...what's the next round gonna be...Coronavirus?

Anyways, Epstein Didn't Kill Himself fell back to second at 19pts with an unsuccessful double down and Gangsta Lean took advantage of the moment to take the lead at 24pts!

For Round 4, we had so many teams guessing K.T.F -- Kermit the Frog. But the right answer was O.T.G -- Oscar the Grouch!

We saw I Lost My Virginity At... and Gangsta Lean going head-to-head for the lead, tied after Round 4 with 23 points.

Then, we took a break for The Drinking Round -- where, because ya girl loves following the drama that is modern-day politics, she themed it Name the 50 States!

Bc if any of you were watching the Super Tuesday countdown as fastidiously as me, you would know your states.

Well, we got through 35 states -- and at first, we had everyone still standing! Then, everyone started falling one by one and we had only 11 states left to name.

Gangsta Lean's rep (who was SUCH a good sport when he said "Tennessee" and I immediately responded, "cuz you da only TEN I see" which is like a reflex response lol cuz I'm like really a fan of lame pick-up lines) and Nathan from I Lost My Virginity At... were the two only left standing...and as Gangsta Lean's rep repeated Oregon, which had already been named, Nathan came through in the clutch with South Dakota!!!

And so they won the Drinking Round, which would only be a foreshadowing of what was to come later in Round Seven...

And also HUGE props to Nathan who is not even American lol and he showed us all up by knowing the United States of America better than the other five teams!

The ones we had left that no one named included Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Montana, and Rhode Island.

Round Five was boggling everyone, too, till I hinted that Question 9 could be the key to unlocking it all -- and sure enough, it started to fall into place with a wave of continuous "Ohhhhhs" going from table to table.

Everyone got the FONTS connection bc Papyrus, right? but no one doubled-down and Gangsta Lean and I Lost My Virginity At... were still tied for the lead with 32 pts.

Then, Round Six came with the TV show families and GOAL's Kinda Finest tried to claim that the Pfeffernans were a family on The Wonder Years, too.

Unfortunately, their double down was unsuccessful as those were the Pfeffers and NOT the Pfeffernans. But nice try. Y'all were like Florida asking for a recount.

Gangsta Lean doubled down successfully to reach 52pts, then I Lost My Virginity At... fell to 40pts.

BUT when it came to Round 7 and everyone had to name the royal children and also the six members of Monty Python, I Lost My Virginity At... 's Marco came in MVP as he thought up the name while walking to turn in the sheet -- and not only that, they doubled down, which meant we went to a TIE game!

Both teams were at 62pts when I asked them to list the range of dates that the Democratic National Convention would be and which city it would be held, in.

Bc that was going to be my tiebreaker for the Drinking Round and we didn't use it and I am like REALLY invested in politics this year if we hadn't gleaned that already.


Gangsta Lean guessed July 20-22 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I Lost My Virginity At... guessed July 17-19 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The correct answer? And y'all better be watching it with bated breath with me too this coming summer when it's televised and taking place FROM

Monday, July 13, 2020 - Thursday, July 16, 2020



And it turns out I Lost My Virginity At...'s team member who is from Milwaukee was here for her first time playing trivia! Needless to say, she had a blast!

And so we have a big V for Victory or a double V turning into a W because I Lost My Virginity At... took back-to-back W's tonight with the Drinking Round and the trivia game! And of course they asserted that PURDY better be seeing this update 🙂 🙂 🙂

See you all next week xoxoxoxoxo

ALSO I just heard -- tomorrow's apparently GOAL's Kevin's birthday so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, KEV!!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1* 11344 I lost my virginity at... 62 4 0.900
1 24302 Gangsta Lean 62 4 0.900
3 19707 Epstein Didn't Kill Himself 55 3 0.600
4 22532 Mark Dellham Sucks 45 2 0.400
5 12619 Spicey Meat-A-Ball 43 1 0.200
6 18949 GOAL's Kinda Finest 33 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Wed Feb 26 2020
| by Quizmaster Sanyee Yuan

We had a small but mighty crew tonight playing trivia!

We all speculated as to what happened to everyone -- was it Mardi Gras hangovers? Days off for Ash Wednesday? Giving up drinking for Lent?

Well, hopefully no one gave up trivia for Lent!

We had new team Judah & Luana join in for the fun initially, to play against our house team of GOAL Regulators which went by GOAL's Kinda Finest tonight going up against Spicey Meat-a-Ball!

Both of our regular teams were off to a strong start tonight with Round One, then the coffee hand-out proved to be a bit of a head-scratcher for many, though not as perplexing as the Cartoons Round which sounded deceptively easy!

The Drinking Round gave us a very fun break as we went around naming MLB Teams, trading from GOAL to Spicey Meat-a-Ball -- and though we named the GOAL rep the winner, there were still about 17 teams left on the list so they went to name them for fun, trading guesses, as the whole bar joined in, watching, rapt.

What was the last one that no one could get?

Why, that would be the...

Tampa Bay Rays!

Spicey Meat-a-Ball's Find the Connection double-down had them at 19 points to GOAL's 34 but they caught up with naming the animals to the movies and doubled down successfully to bring the game to 39-44.

By the end of the night, GOAL soared ahead with the lead and everyone took a team picture because everyone's a good sport at GOAL!

Also for the record, our GOAL rep did not initially want to play a two-hour game and then he became the most invested in the game, adding more members to the team as they trickled in. And they came out on top!

See y'all next week!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 18949 GOAL's Kinda Finest 53 1 1.000
2 12619 Spicey Meat-A-Ball 41 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker