Killarney's Live Irish Pub

352 Town Pl
Fairview TX 75069
(972) 363-039
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
About Killarney's Live Irish Pub

Killarneys Live Irish Pub is a Bar and restaraunt offering a fine selection of Irish whiskeys, Beers, Live Music, and a full menu of from-scratch food.



Tue Oct 22 2019
| by Quizmaster Louis Roth

Killin' it at Killarney's captures our current condition as concerned contestants
compete conscientiously at our constant quiz conundrum! Four newbie teams cast
their nets into our quizzy waters last night. Welcome to Truck 'n Pals (Keep on
truckin'!), Taste Buds (delicious), Vera (all alone in the night) and Mama Knows
Best (Robert Young might have something to say about that...).

Usual suspects Wossa Matta-U, Pickles on a Plate, Tequila Mockingbird, Poonswagglers
and I.P.M.P. showed up for the fun and had some. A tip of the hat to the staff at
Killarney's... Thanks Riley, Geoffrey, Chase, Eddie and all the rest who make our
stay pleasant. Some drama occurred with a tie for third place between T.M. and
One Left in the Chamber, with the latter winning by guessing closer to the number
of words in James and the Giant Peach. (Such a question! Who counts?!?) Ship It!
(This week without the benefit of an alliance, but with help from the flying
platoon of Mike and company!), took second place while those Blarney darlin's
Irish Whiskeypedia won first prize!

In the Best Wrong Answers category, the statue of Pikachu in New Orleans (as one
wag put it, a very bad statue!) garnered the following conjectures...
Super Pig
1st Little Pig
Under Pig
This consistency should tell the sculptor something... But our best wayward hunches
came in the desperate scramble that is Round Seven in trying to name recent
Prime Ministers of the UK. We offer...
Daniel Craig
John Cleese
James Bond
Nigel Tuffnal
Cornelius (from Planet of the Apes)

Happy week, folks!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 21066 Irish Whiskeypedia 65 11 1.000
2 11504 Ship It 53 10 0.909
3* 15071 One Left in the Chamber 51 8 0.773
3 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 51 8 0.773
5 11827 pickles on a plate 47 7 0.636
6 Mama Knows Best 39 6 0.545
7 17564 I PMP 37 5 0.455
8 15262 Wossamotta U 26 3 0.318
8 14200 Poonswagglers 26 3 0.318
10 23328 Truck’n Pals 21 2 0.182
11 23327 Vera 12 1 0.091
12 Taste Buds 11 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Tue Oct 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Louis Roth

Wow! Big turn out last night at Killarney's! Twelve tribes of terrific teams
thronged terminably to tilt and tussle with trivia tests! A big welcome back to
IFFY!, the Poonswagglers (just returning from a successful run of The Importance
of Being Earnest) and It's Always Sunny in Fairview! Also, a big welcome to newbies
Stage Fright, who competed admirably. We hope to see them back!

Regulars Wossa Matta-U, Pickles on a Plate, Seal Team 3 and of course, the Barflies
made their usual solid stands while the winner's circle contained One Left in the
Chamber for third, the deadly alliance of Ship It!/Blood, Bath & Beyond in second
and resident champs Tequila Mockingbird for first. (Seeing as how one of the
answers in Round Two was their namesake novel, perhaps the TPTB were assisting them
on some mystic level. Or, they could just know a lot of stuff. We'll never know...

The best epic fail answer to the question, "Who was executed for heresy for cross
dressing in 1431?" was Saint Klinger. Quite a mash up, eh?

Keep the faith, babies! Quiz Master Lou signing off!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 58 11 1.000
2 11504 Ship It 55 10 0.909
3 15071 One Left in the Chamber 54 9 0.818
4 11827 pickles on a plate 48 8 0.727
5 16940 Seal Team 3 42 7 0.636
6 21066 Irish Whiskeypedia 36 6 0.545
7 15262 Wossamotta U 32 5 0.455
8 14200 Poonswagglers 31 3 0.318
8 Stage Fright 31 3 0.318
10 16283 The Bar Flies 29 2 0.182
11 12092 IFFY! 27 1 0.091
12 22862 It's Always Sunny in Fairview 23 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Tue Oct 8 2019
| by Quizmaster Louis Roth

As always, the King Trivia Pub Quiz at Killarney's this Tuesday night took off
and landed safely delivering thirty-nine souls to their destination... Fun!
Six veteran teams plus the flying platoon comprised of elements from the wait
staff and the bar stoolers made up our manifest as we flew the friendly skies of
minutiae and esoterica.

Seal Team 3 and Irish Whiskeypedia ended up in Coach Class seats, although the
latter got downgraded after Round Five. Wossa Matta-U got bumped to Business
Class after losing a tie breaker for third place. The lucky team who won it was
Pickles on a Plate, who got upgraded into the winner's circle in First Class.
Along with Tequila Mockingbird who got second and Blood, Bath & Beyond, who took
first, all enjoyed the luxury and comfort of First Class accommodations. Those
who cash in their Double-or-Nothing flyer miles reap the rewards, after all!

Our flight path took us over many Western Borders in Round Six, where geography
buffs shined brightest while our in-flight poem was William Blake's Tyger. Those
who preferred less highbrow entertainment tuned into episodes of Chicago Fire or
an NBA Top Ten list on their individual monitors. The flight ended with a tie
breaker at the Eiffel Tower!

Thanks for flying KTPQ! We hope to see you again. This is your captain, Quiz
Master Lou, signing off!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12732 Deadly Alliance 79 6 1.000
2 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 60 5 0.833
3* 11827 pickles on a plate 55 3 0.583
3 15262 Wossamotta U 55 3 0.583
5 21066 Irish Whiskeypedia 43 2 0.333
6 16940 Seal Team 3 41 1 0.167
7 16283 The Bar Flies 21 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker