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Thu Jun 23 2022
| by Quizmaster Bailey Faustina

Thanks to everybody who came out to play trivia tonight at Woodstock’s Santa Cruz. It was a fun night full of tough questions and tougher teams. Lots of teams had Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. Happy birthday to Mary Rose, Cooper and Sophia! Thanks for spending it with us. Congratulations to Milfshake for coming in first, Ed Asner Ghost for coming in second and The Megapints for coming in third. Congrats to Cleat’s and Cleavage for tonight’s best team name. Thanks everyone for spending your Thursday night with us!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Milfshake 61 21 1.000
2 Ed Asner Ghost 52 20 0.952
3 69173 The Megapints 51 19 0.905
4 Bernals 47 18 0.857
5 The Wild Stallions 43 17 0.810
6 jlo 39 16 0.762
7 35204 Fully Torqued 37 15 0.714
8 Chosen one 36 13 0.643
8 Musty cunts 36 13 0.643
10 11th hour 33 12 0.571
11 72593 Mayfield Mumu’s 31 8 0.393
11 beer bitches 31 8 0.393
11 3 Cheers for Abandonment Issues! 31 8 0.393
11 Mozzarella Fellas 31 8 0.393
15 Amber Turds 30 7 0.333
16 ahhh 28 5 0.262
16 54038 Cleat’s and Cleavage 28 5 0.262
18 72597 Root Beer Beasts 26 4 0.190
19 Ethan 25 3 0.143
20 Pp 21 2 0.095
21 57334 Vaxxed and waxed 16 1 0.048
22 Garcia Squad 3 0 0.000


Thu Jun 16 2022
| by Quizmaster Christy King

There was a buzz in the air as we started trivia, thanks to the Warriors winning the Finals mere moments before!! Go Dubs!! We also had Mike from our local Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery there with a *beau-ti-ful* set up and lots of awesome prizes!! Also, several of their brews were on tap with $9 pitcher specials available - it's gonna be a good night!! After Round 1, three teams tied for 1st: Fully Torqued, The Simpletons, and Titties 69. In Round 2, we proved we know our movie logos, and Fully Torqued took the lead with a Double-or-Nothing! Those Without Names claimed 2nd, and Probably Not Here Anymore took 3rd one point behind them. In Round 3, we snickered at the round about Franks and Beans, and the leaderboard stayed the same. Before Round 4, teams sent up a representative to our SC Mtn Brew table, and The Simpletons won a prize for having the correct answer first. Then in Round 4, two teams got the name correct at the 10 point level! Congrats to The Simpletons and Booger Squad. Fully Torqued held 1st, The Simpletons shot up to 2nd (they had been lurking in 4th for a couple rounds), nudging Those Without Names into 3rd. In Round 5, two teams found the historical connection: Those Without Names and The Simpletons. The Simpletons blew their chance to take over 1st with one wrong answer costing them a Double-or-Nothing, and they dropped down to 3rd. Those Without Names moved back up to 2nd, and Fully Torqued held onto 1st. In Round 6, we went full Nic Cage, and the leaderboard held, with Probably Not Here Anymore tying The Simpletons in 3rd. Then the final round, where it all came down to... pups. Yup, Round 7 went to the dogs. The Simpletons pulled off a shocking upset and stole 1st place with a Double-or-Nothing that went their way, while a very stunned Fully Torqued took 2nd, and Those Without Names still got prizes for 3rd. And for those who were wondering, YES, Probably Not Here Anymore was in fact here the whole night. 😂 They thought they'd be tired and leave early, but it was just too fun, and the prizes were just too good, so they stayed for all 7. Also, yes there *were* some 8-10 year olds playing tonight, but not with the team names you might think. They certainly enjoyed them though! Best team name went to our most enthusiastic and Weezer-tastic team: Weezer, The Movie, The Team. They also managed to entertain us all with Weezer songs playing over the speakers all night, *and* get Weezer answers into every round except the matching round. (I regrettably had to inform them that no, no one on Weezer was a WWE legend, a congressman, nor the first Black Surprise Court Justice.) To them I say: Ooh-wee-hoo you look just like Buddy Holly. I don't. You do. Have a great week and we'll see you all next Thursday!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 35176 The Simpletons 58 9 1.000
2 35204 Fully Torqued 55 8 0.889
3 72145 Those Without Names 52 7 0.778
4 60608 Probably Not Here Anymore 44 6 0.667
5 72156 Titties 69 39 5 0.556
6 72123 Booger Squad 37 4 0.444
7 72125 Orm's Friends 30 3 0.333
8 72120 🫧🧩Weezer, The Movie, The Team🧩🫧 22 2 0.222
9 72124 Team Cheems 21 1 0.111
10 72168 Trivia train 18 0 0.000


Thu Jun 9 2022
| by Quizmaster Christy King

Another great night in the books! We started off the evening by giving a round of applause for anyone who had just finished finals! Happy start of summer break to you all! We had 7 teams signed in for Round 1, but more than doubled as the night went on, having 15 teams and 73 players by the end! After Round 1, Team Rocket and Yo Dwag (not Dawg; Dwag!) were tied for 3rd, Entropic Thunder was in 2nd, and Fully Torqued was in 1st. We all congratulated Fully Torqued for placing 3rd place overall in the Woodstocks league. Way to represent!! We also acknowledged our other homegrown top teams, Da Breakfast Club and Tater Tots, though they weren't there tonight. Round 2 had us calling out "Willlllsonnnnnn" and debating if the lamp breaking was intentional. Fully Torqued held the lead with a perfect score so far, Team Rocket shot up to 2nd, and Entropic Thunder moved into 3rd. Round 3 was a Grand Slam, and after we sang Happy Birthday to Liam on Gooses Bitches! Those $9 pitchers really helped us sing delightfully off key! 😁🍻 Reminder: we are always happy to help you embarrass *your* friends on their next birthday - just let us know! The leaderboard stayed the same, though the perfect score streak was broken. In Round 4, one team sleuthed the correct answer at the 10 point level - shout out to Flour Children for that, as well as their amazing colorful outfits! The leaderboard stayed the same, but with Yo Dwag now just one point behind 3rd. In Round 5, five teams found the connection and the rest were feeling a little... blue 😉.. at having missed it. Congrats to Yo Dwag, Team Rocket, Fully Torqued, Flour Children, and Entropic Thunder for figuring that out! The leaderboard still hadn't changed(!), including Yo Dwag staying on their heels in 4th with a 1 point difference! Round 6 had a delicious cookie and caramel center, and seven teams Reece's Pieced out all the correct answers. The top 3 were still Fully Torqued, Team Rocket, and Entropic Thunder going into the final round. And then it all came down to... movies. Round 7 was a delightful mix of Pixar and Marvel, and seven teams managed to get all 10 answers correct, with or without that Double-or-Nothing confidence. In the end, our top three had proven themselves throughout the night, and thus 3rd place went to Entropic Thunder, 2nd to Team Rocket, and 1st to Fully Torqued, our resident Woodstocks League champions! Da Breakfast Club also popped in at the end and we got to applaud them as well for representing our Santa Cruz Woodstocks. Shout out to their team member Ethan, who was celebrating his birthday that night! And of course, there was one more prize to give out: Best Team Name. No question tonight, it went to the team who made us giggle every time I read it out loud: Bert and Ernie Taxidermy Tax Attorney! Thank you all for joining us and for making Woodstocks Santa Cruz the BEST place to be on a Thursday night! See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 35204 Fully Torqued 89 6 1.000
2 70573 Team Rocket 76 5 0.833
3 70591 Entropic Thunder 68 4 0.667
4 70601 Flour Children 51 3 0.500
5 70561 yo dwag 47 2 0.333
6 70589 Bert and ernie taxidermy tax attourney 45 1 0.167
7 70600 Gooses Bitches 42 0 0.000
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