Brouwerij West

110 E 22nd Street, Warehouse No 9
San Pedro CA 90731
(310) 833-933
  • Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
About Brouwerij West
We brew beer in the classic Belgian style. Our new home at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California is now open



Wed May 22 2019
| by Quizmaster Kris Buxton

Brouwerij West released a new line of beer cans this week on the same day as trivia, which lead to an especially crowded Wednesday evening game of trivia. We had several brand new teams as well as the usual familiar faces that love to come out and compete in a night of drinking and celebration. One of the most fascinating things about trivia this week wasn't that we had 5 teams that remained tied for first place for the first 3 rounds of the game. After these rounds one of the teams that was tied for first, Counter Intelligence busted out with a string of double or nothings. Counter Intelligence rocketed to the front of the pack and won the game with an impressive 15 point lead over our second place teams. This week two teams tied for second place, only further emphasizing the closeness of this game right up to the very end. 99 Problems but he Beer Ain't One were able to claim second in a tie breaker and Mocha Mix ended in third.

I appreciate how committed all teams were in to trying to win and how dedicated some teams were about using double or nothing this week. I have never seen so many teams going for double or nothing and it added to the already high energy atmosphere of Brouwerij West. I was so glad to be back this week after missing last week and I look forward to another exciting competition next week.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14240 Counter Intelligence 74 16 1.000
2* 16313 Mocha Mix 59 14 0.906
2 19062 99 Problems but a beer ain’t one 59 14 0.906
4 19235 Mild Stallions 58 13 0.812
5 16958 The Squidward’s 57 12 0.750
6 Boots 56 11 0.688
7 16298 Cool Story Brew 51 10 0.625
8 Flatback Fever 45 9 0.562
9 18372 Hold for Tacos 42 8 0.500
10 20054 Breaking Brews 35 7 0.438
11 13114 Uncomfortably dumb 30 5 0.344
11 The Krusty Krew 30 5 0.344
13 Burgundy Bitches 26 4 0.250
14 Team Scrappy 24 3 0.188
15 Los Malos 19 2 0.125
16 Dancing MVPs 14 1 0.062
17 Sassy Sasha’s Superstar Squad 13 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Wed May 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Greg Nolan

Greetings everyone. Well it was my 2nd gig as a sub and all in all it was a very fun evening. Brouwerij West is an awesome venue with tons of space and tables for the teams. It's a very easy setup for the Quizmaster since the house provides the sound and music! Richard the manager was an outstanding host and made me feel right at home. He even helped me out with my 1st senior moment of the night! I brought 2 color copies of the pictures for the picture round but forgot to make black and white copies for the teams. Richard very kindly made me some copies. My lovely wife Anne also came to be my assistant and did a great job keeping me on track.

The game got off to a great start and all teams were engaged and having fun. It was a 6 horse race right up to round 5. Round 5 brought out the gambler in 5 of the teams and they all doubled.........and missed! Counter Intelligence actually had the correct answer (UK) but crossed it out and put England, a heartbreaking zero for me to record. Had they kept UK they probably would have sealed 1st place. Round 6 saw 3 teams double and nail it which then turned it into a 3 horse race. Great Minds Drink Alike and Counter Intelligence were tied at 56 heading into round 7 with That's A Tasty Burger nipping at their heels with 47. In the end Great Minds Drink Alike pulled away with the win with 67 points with Counter Intelligence 2 points away with 65! Just shows how crucial those 2 points for turning in your pen can be. That's A Tasty Burger finished a strong 3rd and it was a very exciting finish. A shout out to Brewsual Suspects who only had 1 player who scored a very respectable 43. Mild Stallions fought very hard and doubled unsuccessfully 4 times but you gotta admire their fight.

My 2nd senior moment was forgetting to read the answers to Round 7, I went right to the results! Gonna have to work that one out.

I also debuted my Iron Man action figure (picture attached) as the 1st place trophy. Great Minds got to have their picture taken with him and got a real kick out of the fact he talks!

My sincere thanks to all for allowing me to host and for such a great game. Peace to you all........Quizmaster Greg


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13473 Great Minds Drink Alike 67 9 1.000
2 14240 Counter Intelligence 65 8 0.889
3 13644 That's a Tasty Burger! 55 7 0.778
4 16483 The Brewsual Suspects 43 6 0.667
5 19062 99 Problems but a beer ain’t one 39 5 0.556
6 16298 Cool Story Brew 29 4 0.444
7 13955 Suarez14 26 3 0.333
8 Don't Know Sh** 21 2 0.222
9 19235 Mild Stallions 20 1 0.111
10 The Lone Rangers 17 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Wed May 8 2019
| by Quizmaster Kris Buxton

The Trivia questioned seemed especially rigorous this week, but rather than be discouraged, it just heightened the competitive spirit of the many teams that came out. Cool Story Brew fought the hardest with a double or nothing right out of the gate. This put them in the lead and amazingly, they were able to maintain first place every round until the very end of the game. Every round other teams attempted to surpass them and they often came within a couple of points. Even at the end of the game Menace to Sobriety got second place and were only 3 points away from first prize. For third this week teams were especially competitive with 2 teams tying for third place: Hold On... My Mic is Acting Up and Beer me Blazer. Beer me Blazer won the tie breaker by a landslide and claimed the title of third place. Tonight at Brewery West battle lines were drawn, friendships were tested, but ultimately we all survived, had a few drinks, and had a great time.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Cool Story Brew 50 16 1.000
2 19821 Menace To Sobriety 47 15 0.938
3* Beer Me Blazer 39 13 0.844
3 18372 Hold on... My Mic is Acting Up 39 13 0.844
5 Kickboxers 35 12 0.750
6 19235 Mild Stallions 32 9 0.625
6 19062 99 Problems but a beer ain’t one 32 9 0.625
6 Flatbackers 32 9 0.625
9 16958 The Squidward’s 30 7 0.469
9 16483 The Brewsual Suspects 30 7 0.469
11 19823 WSWWD 25 6 0.375
12 I’m so Bad @ This 23 5 0.312
13 Trader Joes 21 4 0.250
14 16458 Team Kavanova 14 3 0.188
15 Redass Aggies 12 2 0.125
16 Not So Intelligent Beer Bums 7 0 0.031
16 The Lone Rangers 7 0 0.031
* Won Tiebreaker