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Tue Mar 6 2018
| by Quizmaster Michael Miller

While some might be impressed, and rightly so, by the way that The Flux Capacitors shot from third-most to most points in the final round with a successful double down...the real story here is that Lowest Score Wins prophesied their own fate with their very name. Difficult to say now just who won this game, but your humble Quizmaster certainly felt like a winner after returning from a two week absence. Until next week, when we steel our stomachs for the approaching culturally excusable day-drinking holiday!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Flux Capacitors 60 10 1.000
2 Aggressive Foreplay 59 9 0.900
3 General Washingtons 58 8 0.800
4 The Mules 55 7 0.700
5 The audio is terrible 49 6 0.600
6 Pobody’s Nerfect 48 4 0.450
6 Going Rogue 48 4 0.450
8 Gobias Industries 47 3 0.300
9 Sextuplets 43 1 0.150
9 Trashley Wards 43 1 0.150
11 Lowest Score Wins 38 0 0.000


Tue Feb 27 2018
| by Quizmaster Austin Welsh

Our esteemed guests were undeterred by Tam's ongoing construction, and wended their way through the fences to participate in a rollicking evening of Trivia hosted by guest quizmaster Austin.

The match was well-fought with some thrilling successful (and at least one tragically unsuccessful) double-or-nothings in the final rounds of competition, leading to Aggressive Foreplay sweeping up the win!

A very special Happy Birthday shoutout to Kayleigh!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10070 Aggressive Foreplay 60 7 1.000
2 10385 pobody's nerfect 49 6 0.857
3 The Pistol Shrimps 47 5 0.714
4 10204 Flux Capacitors 46 4 0.571
5 11220 Lowest Score Wins 45 3 0.429
6 Tiny Team 36 2 0.286
7 G. Washingtons 25 1 0.143
8 Happy Birthday Kayleigh 22 0 0.000


Tue Feb 20 2018
| by Quizmaster Sarah Choi

Hey King Trivia!

Quizmaster Sarah Choi here with my very first blog posting after my very first time being a Quizmaster.

[Insert DJ airhorn sound effect here]

I feel pretty lucky having Tam O'Shanter's as my first QM'ing experience because my teams awesome, they were patient with me, and although they definitely did not find it cute when I repeatedly could not pronounce "gnocchi" (guh-nocchi?  guh-knocky?  what's happening?), they were kind enough to humor me all through my inadvertent "I'm a relatable girl!"-Korean-Jennifer-Lawrence bit.

We had an awesome game with great questions from QM David Gallic, who was my Obi-Wan for the evening--also, FACT:  I have no idea if this is the accurate Star Wars reference.  He taught me the ropes on the PA system, set me up for success, and helped the game run smoothly.

Thank you to Tam O'Shanter's for their generosity, for the big-ass shrimp cocktail I inhaled and for being so great to all our players.  I had the BEST time, guys.  Really appreciated you having me!

Big ups to Trashley Wards on their big win and 3 Dildos Outside of Ebbing, Missouri for placing 3rd their first time ever playing with King Trivia and also successfully making me say "dildo" out loud in front of lots of people who look like my parents at least eight times.

Hope we see you guys back there next week--QM Michael Miller will be back to his regularly scheduled programming.


QM Choi

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10608 Trashley Wards 56 6 1.000
2 11220 Lowest Score Wins 48 5 0.833
3 3 Dildos Outside of Ebbing, Missouri 40 4 0.667
4 Team Name 33 3 0.500
5 The Irvin Girls 26 2 0.333
6 My Parents Are Drunk 23 1 0.167
7 Turnbull 5 0 0.000