The Famous Bar

154 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale CA 91204
(818) 241-2888
  • Thursdays @ 8:00pm
About The Famous Bar

The Famous craft cocktail lounge is located in Glendale's historic Huntley-Evans building, directly across the street from the Americana at Brand. It follows an eclectic and rich pedigree of establishments that have called this building home in the last century, most notably the early Glendale landmark, The Famous Department Store. The Famous, true to its heritage, embraces the classic art of fine craft cocktail creation, invented in the United States in 1856, using bitters, juices, syrups, and infusions, prepared in-house using fresh ingredients from local markets and growers. Cocktails served at The Famous are identical to those served nearly 100 years ago when the building was constructed.



Thu Jun 13 2019
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

We had a near photo-finish at the end of this week's quiz at The Famous in Glendale. This venue always features some top-drawer competition. But this week's stairstep scores of 67/66/65 at the finish was especially tense and delightful.

When the dust settled, Mitch McGonagall was at the top of the heap, followed oh-so-closely by The Bad News Barristers and Yer a Quizzard Harry.

Our top team for the last two weeks in a row - The Blanches - had a rare off night to finish in the middle of the pack, while frequent winners Because Jeopardy Won't Let Us Drink had trouble shaking off the jet lag from a recent trip to Africa and performed so poorly that they asked this quizmaster to leave them off the scoreboard entirely!

Being the compassionate and accommodating person that I am, I readily agreed to that request and assured them that I would not mention the failed double-or-nothing attempts or their historically low score of 37 points.

"You can count on me, Mike! You too, Doug! You can sleep soundly tonight knowing that your secret is safe with me!" I said.

Yup, that's what I said. See y'all next week.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17575 Mitch McGonagall 67 7 1.000
2 10296 Bad News Barristers 66 6 0.857
3 10663 Yer a Quizard Harry 65 5 0.714
4 Johnny Hopkins and Sloane Kettering 55 4 0.571
5 15581 The Blanches 49 3 0.429
6 10643 Because Jeopardy Won't Let Us Drink 37 2 0.286
7 Go Raps Go! 27 1 0.143
8 Liquor Keepers 21 0 0.000


Thu Jun 6 2019
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

It was a wild and crazy night of trivia fun at The Famous in Glendale this week! The Blanches (photo #1 above) finished in first place for the second week in a row with a one point edge over Bad News Barristers (photo #2).

"You SUCK! Ya got lucky and you suck!" yelled one of the Barristers to the trio of Blanches after learning that they'd fallen one point short of trivia glory. To their credit, the Blanches just sat there stoically and ignored the Barrister outburst.

Some minutes later, in what may have been an unrelated incident, a very wet (beer soaked) paper towel hit the offending Barrister in the back of the head. This quizmaster did not see who launched the moist beer bomb, but it did not appear to come from the area where the Blanches were sitting.

No, indeed! Rather, the angle-of-attack suggested that the attack came from the vicinity of our third place team, Yer A Quizzard Harry. Indeed, one of the Quizzards had a very satisfied look on her face, and one of the Blanches came over a minute later and high-fived her! *

Yes, we do have a great time at the weekly trivia quiz at The Famous. You should join us. We guarantee a good time!

*some events described above may be entirely fictional. In fact, they almost certainly are.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15581 The Blanches 85 9 1.000
2 10296 Bad News Barristers 84 8 0.889
3 10663 Yer a Quizard Harry 75 7 0.778
4 10347 Electric Moustache 63 6 0.667
5 19446 Team Vitamin D! 52 5 0.556
6 DJ All The Way 48 3 0.389
6 The Mouse's Minions 48 3 0.389
8 Beer Can Sam 40 2 0.222
9 A Team Has No Name 24 1 0.111
10 Glendale Bar 18 0 0.000


Thu May 30 2019
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

We congratulate The Blanches - three of our favorite quizzers - for their win this week at The Famous in Glendale. Can they go back-to-back in victorious triumph? Join us next week to find out!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15581 The Blanches 71 3 1.000
2 17296 Talk Nerdy To Me 67 2 0.667
3 10296 Bad News Barristers 51 1 0.333
4 Sailor Moon 22 0 0.000