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1501 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach CA 90266
(310) 545-9910
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 8:00pm
About Grunions Sports Bar & Grill

Grunions Sports Bar & Grill is a South Bay local landmark. It’s been a local’s favorite spot to watch any major (and even minor) sporting event while eating the best pub food around. It all started in 1974 when Grunions Sports Bar & Grill opened its doors in Manhattan Beach, CA. The mission then, as it is today, was to provide a place where people can go and enjoy great food and drinks while cheering on their favorite sports teams, in a comfortable (and family friendly) environment where everyone is treated like a regular even if it’s their first visit. Whether you live in the area or just visiting, we have what you are looking for…guaranteed!



Tue Feb 5 2019
| by Quizmaster Lauren Parker

It was a cold and stormy night - unusual for the South Bay - but we didn't let that stop us from building a 6-team Trivia fort in the back part of Grunions. Daddy dominated the competition again, with Team Plutonium placing in the top 3 - neither of these came as a surprise. However, this week, We're Fine Everything's Fine was FINALLY able to crack the top 3 positions after many weeks of being OH so close. Special shout out to a rock hard Adam Levine's Nipples who won the Name That Tune! drinking round, winning every song we threw at them! While we missed a couple of regulars (I suspect Quiztopher Walken had their baby!?), it was nice to play with a couple new faces this week. Hope to see you again!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14110 Daddy 72 5 1.000
2 15694 We're Fine, Everything's Fine 64 4 0.800
3 10281 Team Plutonium 59 3 0.600
4 17817 Miss Behavior 47 2 0.400
5 Baby Stubbs 42 1 0.200
6 11789 Trivia Fight 30 0 0.000


Tue Jan 29 2019
| by Quizmaster Lauren Parker

We had a packed house tonight with many former "newcomers" who I would now define as "regulars" - and it's so great to see all of you coming back each week! And a fun shout out to our large party of GGI's who had a hard time controlling their own shout outs... of the answers, that is! But they eventually reigned it in, just in time for Guess Who? which saw an array of points and broke up our 3-way tie. Kudos to Daddy for many successful Double attempts, which landed them the top prize for the evening! Team Plutonium wasn't far behind, and they managed to land in 2nd with half their team missing. And with no surprise, Diggle Bicks also landed in the top 3, just inching out Quiz Whalifa... But don't worry, Whalifa didn't go home empty-handed, as they won the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and earned themselves a pitcher of beer. Thanks to everyone who came out and we'll see you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14110 Daddy 78 10 1.000
2 10281 Team Plutonium 75 9 0.900
3 10927 Diggle Bicks 67 8 0.800
4 17700 Quiz Whalifa 61 7 0.700
5 10015 Quiztopher Walken 43 6 0.600
6 Tru Dat 38 5 0.500
7 17085 Tony Danza’s Bonanza 36 4 0.400
8 15694 We're Fine, Everything's Fine 34 3 0.300
9 Wun Hung Lo 31 2 0.200
10 Chaffing The Dream 30 1 0.100
11 GGI's 15 0 0.000


Tue Jan 22 2019
| by Quizmaster Jo Dellapina

Guest Quizmaster Jo here! I had a great time with this lively, passionate group. Early in the game, several teams risked a double down. Some ended up with a goose egg, but Daddy's risk paid off. They took the lead right out of the gate, and stayed there the rest of the night! The drinking round involved shouting out guesses for Paul McCartney's middle name until someone finally landed on the right one -- Paul!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14110 Daddy 79 6 1.000
2 Long Walk to Newark 62 5 0.833
3 10015 Quiztopher Walken 59 4 0.667
4 Quiz Wahleefa 58 2 0.417
4 10281 Team Plutonium 58 2 0.417
6 15694 We're Fine, Everything's Fine 44 1 0.167
7 Flying Tomahawks 38 0 0.000