Pickwick's Pub

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Woodland Hills CA 91364
(818) 340-9673
  • Wednesdays @ 8:00pm



Wed Oct 10 2018
| by Quizmaster Daniel Bliley

Well, just like that, 2 Wednesdays in October have come and gone! Holy moly! 2 weeks worth of King Trivia at Pickwick's Pub in Woodland Hills are down and only 2 more remain for the month! Let me tell you how this past Wednesday's game went...

Pickwick's got it's regular host, Danny, back after a week of absence. According to him, he tried to buy a Banksy painting last week at an auction, but immediately upon himh winning the auction, the painting was shredded. So, Danny spent last week crying and trying to recoup the $1.2 million he just spent on half a shredded Banksy painting. But he was able to get it back by short-selling some stock when the Dow went down this week, so he was back to host some more King Trivia, and teams seemed happy to see him back.

For the Drinking Round, each team had to send two members up to try and carry a baseball between two cardboard cylinders, only holding it between their chests, and without dropping the ball, they had to race around the bar. Whichever team completed this the fastest without dropping the ball would win the round of shots for their team. With a blazingly fast time of 10.88 seconds, Kian's Birthday seized the shots! Way to go guys!

It was a pretty high scoring affair Wednesday night as the top 3 teams scored above 80 points! In third place, scoring 82 points, was team Hanky Panky! They were leading the game by one point after round number 6, but only got 8 right on the final round as the two closest teams behind them successfully doubled down in the final round. But that's ok, because Hanky Panky won themselves a $10 gift certificate!

One of the two teams that successfully doubled down in the final round was According to The Mighty Mighty Puffins were in cognito, but they still scored 85 points which secured them 2nd place and a $20 gift certificate! Awesome job!

And coming in 1st place, also doubling down on the final round successfully, was team Aussie Beanz! They led for every round of the game until Round number 6 when they fell behind by 1 point against Hanky Panky, but they were about to successfully double down in round 7 to ultimately score a whopping 93 points and the win! They took home a $30 gift certificate! Way to go!

And that wraps it up for this week at Pickwick's Pub in Woodland Hills for King Trivia! See you next Wednesday for more!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Aussie Beanz 93 10 1.000
2 10518 According to 85 9 0.900
3 10685 Hanky Panky 82 8 0.800
4 16394 Dormant Volcano 68 6 0.650
4 14133 Diversity Poster 68 6 0.650
6 The Argonauts 63 5 0.500
7 Poor Section of Malibu 59 4 0.400
8 Barry McCockener 47 3 0.300
9 Renaissance Women 43 2 0.200
10 Two Joels, no Job 27 0 0.050
10 Kian's Birthday 27 0 0.050


Wed Oct 3 2018
| by Quizmaster Mike A

It was a great night at Pickwick's! Thank you for making my first show there a fun one!

It was a close battle until the end, where a courageous double down had Hanky Panky take the win.

The Mighty Mighty Puffins, played it a bit safe in Round 6, getting a 10 spot, but no double, which would have netted them the win.

Finally, Bass to Mouth duo took down third place with steady play throughout.

Diversity Poster wins the best handwriting award, sadly, in the winning department, they settled for 4th.

Solo squad Bing Bong had some nice rounds, but not enough, as he left in 6th behind The Wingnuts.

Classic Irish Jewish Car was way too hard on themselves, but hung around for the whole show. Go get 'em next time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10685 Hanky Panky 78 6 1.000
2 10518 Mighty mighty puffins 69 5 0.833
3 Bass to Mouth 60 4 0.667
4 14133 Diversity Poster 54 3 0.500
5 The Wingnuts 48 2 0.333
6 Bing Bong 34 1 0.167
7 15392 Classic Irish Jewish Car 17 0 0.000


Wed Sep 26 2018
| by Quizmaster Daniel Bliley

Phew! This past Wednesday night at Pickwick's Pub in Woodland Hills for King Trivia was a smashing success! Featuring a skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and a Drinking Round with Fruit by the Foot fruit roll-ups, Wednesday night had it all! If you weren't there, this is what you missed!

"Wait, what was that you said about a Monty Python and the Holy Grail skit?" Well thanks for asking! I'll tell you all about it. For round number 3, the category was Land O' Lakes, where the question or answer may have the word lake in it. So for question 2 of Round number 2, King Trivia asked: "In Arthurian Legend, which enchantress gives the sword Excalibur to Arthur?" This question gave Quizmaster Danny the perfect opportunity to act out the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where King Arthur meets peasants and is trying to explain how he received Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake which gave him Divine right to be King. The quotes from the movie that were acted out in the skit are in a picture above!

For the Drinking Round, each team had to send up a member to compete in the Fruit by the Foot Challenge. This challenge, if you're not familiar, is to put the end of an unrolled Fruit by the Foot in your mouth, and without using hands, try and be the fastest one to eat it all. You can view a Youtube video of Wednesday nights Fruit by the Foot Challenge Drinking Round here:

Congrats to Diversity Poster for winning the Drinking Round, and congrats to them as well for taking home the second place prize for the evening! Not only did they win a round of shots from the Drinking Round, but they scored 62 points and took home a $20 gift certificate as well! Now that's a pretty good night if you ask me!

For third place, we had two teams score 59 points, Mighty Mighty Puffins, and Alternative Facts! You know what that means, you're damn right, a Tiebreaker Question! Both teams had to send up one member to try and guess the closest to the number of feet deep Crater Lake is. Without hearing each other's answers, the Puffins guessed 5000 feet, and Alternative Facts guessed 5001 feet. The correct answer was 1,949 feet, which secured 3rd place and a $10 gift certificate for The Mighty Mighty Puffins! Congrats and welcome back Puffins!

And coming in 1st place, scoring 70 points and taking home a $30 gift certificate, was Hanky Panky! They successfully doubled down in rounds 6 and 7 to come from behind and win 1st! Awesome job! What a clutch performance!

See how much you miss when you don't come to Pickwick's Pub in Woodland Hills on Wednesday nights for King Trivia?! Well don't worry, there's always next Wednesday night and every other for your chance at a fun time like this! See you next time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10685 Hanky Panky 70 10 1.000
2 14133 Diversity Poster 62 9 0.900
3 10518 Mighty mighty puffins 59 7 0.750
3 12983 Alternative Facts 59 7 0.750
5 12700 Dog Mama's & Papas 38 6 0.600
6 Three's a Crowd 37 5 0.500
7 Tom and the Bicc Bois 36 4 0.400
8 16394 Dormant Volcano 35 3 0.300
9 Portlanders 34 2 0.200
10 Hollywood Tom 33 1 0.100
11 Butt Slurpers 20 0 0.000