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Wed Nov 30 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

In the Game of King Trivia, you win…or you DIE! Or…rather you just don’t win. We’re not that crazy here. The big barrel at Idle Hour was renamed the NoHo Castle as we traveled to Westeros for a Game of Thrones themed evening! Bannermen from every realm journeyed to our glorious battlefield to test their mettle on the anvil of trivia. 

Round One opened with general thoughts and information about the world of GoT. Even the simplest queries proved daunting to our teams, but they would not flee. Instead, they honed their swords and charged fully into the breach! With the only double of the day, Mystery Gang took an early lead…but could they hold?

Round Two was a collection of famous landmarks in the world, some from as far off as Mereen! Mystery Gang was able to maintain their lead, but Santa and his Hoes and Border Reavers were quickly closing the distance. 

Round Three woke the dragons as our teams discussed the many tidbits about the show’s leathery winged fiends (technically, they are Wyverns, but that wasn’t the point of this round). Mystery Gang held their lead, but Santa was charging up fast!

Round Four barely moved the needle as our teams were more interested in fictional characters than real ones, so the board stayed the same. This gave us more than enough motivation going into our Drinking Round. 

We asked our teams to remember the words of the famous houses, and of course Mystery Gang demonstrated their nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the world! Could anyone stop them from running away with the competition?

Round Five proved exciting as Vanessa rose into third place, knocking out Border Reavers and Blue Team. However, with only a few rounds remaining, it was still anyone’s game to win. 

Round Six was a theological journey through the faiths of Westeros, and it was a kingmaker for those teams willing to risk it all for the double. Going into the final chapter, our teams were neck and neck for the top spots. 

Round Seven was all about the real world consequences of Game of Thrones…namely a veritable mountain of EMMYs! With their knowledge put to a final test, which teams would come out victorious. 

In the end, we crowned Mystery Gang as our big winners, with Santa and his Hoes and Blue Team following. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 83843 Mystery Gang 57 4 1.000
2 Santa and his Hoes 36 3 0.750
3 Blue team 29 2 0.500
4 Border Reavers 28 1 0.250
5 Vanessa 24 0 0.000


Tue Nov 29 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

There’s nothing like a trivia evening in the late Fall. It’s still Los Angeles, so the leaves aren’t exactly changing colors, and the smell in the air is just the nearby In and Out, but the atmosphere inside the giant barrel of Idle Hour is nothing less than electrifying. It has a regal air…perfect for KING TRIVIA!

23 teams, veterans and newbies alike, flocked to our quizzical castle to battle for trivial superiority. With a bowl of candy on the table and DJ Pandora rocking the tens and twos, it was time to get the show started. 

Round One warmed up the crowd with some mostly easy questions, leading to our normal massive tie at the top. However, quite a few teams fell into the trap of missing the clues within the questions (going “ballistic” anyone?)

Round Two was far simpler, asking only for the heroic teams to recognize evil when it’s laughing in their face. This whittled down our leaderboard to only six tied teams, but we knew we could get closer. 

Round Three was a simple 50/50 for whether a fancy set of words was the title of a Rihana song or an episode of Black Mirror. It was so simple that two teams used it to catapult to a tie for first: Camp Mohawk and Quizzie McGuire. 

Round Four saw Camp Mohawk take the decisive lead as they were among the elite few who knew a hero from America’s pastime. 

For our Drinking Round, we celebrated National Mason Jar Day by filling a mason jar with dry beans and asked our teams to guess how many were inside. With the closest guess, 720 of Emotions earned themselves free shots and a jar of beans! Actually, we kept the beans, since we need them for future quizzes (and emergency food). 

Round Five was a challenge if only for the final answer not quite landing the semantics of the word “robot.” Nonetheless, Camp Mohawk was able to maintain a solid score…however, they were outpaced by two points by It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Tim! With the gauntlet firmly on the ground, these two champions prepared for a slugfest, surrounded by enemies on all sides. 

Round Six was a literary ledger needing a rapid sorting. With ten book titles missing key words, the teams set to work putting it all back together again. With a quick fix to an incorrect title, we saw few of the scores change the positions of the teams, with the exception of Hartford Whalers sneaking into third. It would all come down to the final round. 

Round Seven pushed our teams to remember their fond memories of Teletubbies (and their less fond memories of the American healthcare system). In the end, only three teams could earn top prizes. 

We crowned It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Tim, Camp Mohawk, and Hartford Whalers as our champions at the end, and much celebration ensued. 


Come Join us every Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10518 It was the best of times, it was the worst of Tim 85 21 1.000
2 11501 Camp Mohawk 82 20 0.952
3 Hartford Whalers 73 19 0.905
4 40028 Kingbeez 70 18 0.857
5 83685 Dangerous Nights Crew 67 17 0.810
6 41265 The Rise of the Quizantine Empire 58 16 0.762
7 66730 Emergency Food: Pie Harder 57 14 0.690
7 Fart Noise 57 14 0.690
9 32145 Snark Squad 56 13 0.619
10 77415 720 of emotions 55 11 0.548
10 83681 Chestnut Roasting 55 11 0.548
12 37633 Diana Spencer’s Gifts 53 10 0.476
13 83689 The Happy Tuesdays 49 8 0.405
13 83690 Mermaid T&A 49 8 0.405
15 83680 Quizzie McGuire 46 7 0.333
16 52545 Here for the Host 45 6 0.286
17 83688 Snack Party 3000 44 5 0.238
18 83687 I heart Diaz 39 4 0.190
19 Henry’s pockets 31 3 0.143
20 83691 Dungeons and Lizards 30 2 0.095
21 ZuzuOnTheMetro 25 1 0.048
22 10681 MARLEDICT 12 0 0.000


Tue Nov 22 2022
| by Quizmaster August Applebaum

Another fantastic trivia night in the the barrel at Idle Hour! Guest host August had a full house this fine Thanksgiving week. It was a real rollercoaster with a shake-up for first place almost every round! Some questions seemed easy, almost TOO easy, while others had most folks stumped. (If you recognized the Famous Amos spokesperson by sight before tonight, I salute you.) 
For our drinking round we had the teams come up with the most ridiculous reasons our fabulous regular host Adam was not in attedance, with the winning excuse being "Trivia addiction: family is staging an intervention at Thanksgiving."
The game finished out with Hot In Topeka taking 3rd after a solid and consistent game, Lady and the Tramps in 2nd after a meteoric rise, and Paloma's Team in 1st repping birthday girl Paloma! What better gift than both victory and a $35 gift card to this fabulous bar? 

Big thanks and great job to all the teams! Hope to see you again next Tuesday for more trivia!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 83301 Paloma’s Team 74 18 1.000
2 83311 Lady and the Tramps 58 17 0.944
3 83298 Hot in Topeka 47 16 0.889
4 Feibelmans 42 15 0.833
5 80660 Lewdicrous Mode 39 14 0.778
6 83303 Talk Turkey To Me 37 12 0.694
6 83300 Smells Like Tajin Spirit 37 12 0.694
8 64680 Quizzly Bears 36 11 0.611
9 72778 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 32 10 0.556
10 32145 Snark Squad 27 9 0.500
11 83304 The Landlords 26 8 0.444
12 Bitch slap return 24 7 0.389
13 72785 The Hooligans 23 5 0.306
13 BearCats 23 5 0.306
15 29836 Neville Sinclair 22 4 0.222
16 British Invasion 20 3 0.167
17 Raining Cats 17 2 0.111
18 Scummy Outta Towners 14 1 0.056
19 $mokinghot420ladiezzzzzz 8 0 0.000