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    Wednesday, July 31st, 2024 @ 8:00pm


Tue Dec 20 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Winter is still a day away, but the festive spirit had already taken here at Idle Hour. Our bastion of barrel-tude was decked in lights and colorful wreaths, beckoning all to these hallowed halls for some good ol’ fashioned food and drinks. Then this QM came and wrecked the whole thing with some EPIC TRIVIA!

28 teams arrived in our arena to throw down with the best, earn prizes, and eat some free chocolate. With glory and a gift card on the line, these champions sharpened their minds and went to work. 

Round One was a strong warm up, like a cup of hot cocoa after a long day on the slopes. Over ten teams locked in a solid double and tied at the top, but things were only going to heat up from here. 

Round Two tested our teams’ knowledge of holiday films, and Q5 threw them for a big loop. This left an opening for Best of Times, Chevrone, and Celeste to leap into the top spot!

Round Three went to Celeste and Chevrone as they rode another double into a locked first spot. Round 4 kept the board mostly the same, though It Was the Best of Times started to creep upward with some seriously strong guesswork. 

For our drinking round, we invited our teams to reinvent holiday carol classics for Chanukah! With an insanely detailed parody of Jessie J’s “Price Tag,” We Will Pet All The Puppies earned the free shots. 

Round Six saw some INCREDIBLE changes to the leader board. First, it was revealed that our top two teams were in fact…just ONE TEAM! This shook up the entire board and welcomed new teams into striking position. This also saw Camp Mohawk close the gap into 3rd place!

Round Six was a major shakeup, as Cold Stone jumped to second, and Best of Time to third. It was down to the final round to settle the scores once and for all. 

As the dust settled, we found that no ties were left and the scores were plain to see. Chevrone took the top spot, followed by Cold Stone Steve Austin and It Was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Tim!


Come join us every Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 85146 Chevrone 90 23 1.000
2 85141 Cold Stone Steve Austin 78 22 0.957
3 10518 It was the best of times, it was the worst of Tim 77 21 0.913
4 11501 Camp Mohawk 73 19 0.848
4 85137 We Will Pet All the Puppies 73 19 0.848
6 37633 Diana Spencer’s Gifts 72 18 0.783
7 85147 Celeste is Best 70 17 0.739
8 85133 The Serious Actors 66 15 0.674
8 40028 Kingbeez 66 15 0.674
10 52545 Here for the Host 61 14 0.609
11 85138 PuffPuffPassThePrizes! 48 12 0.543
11 85144 Team Boozy 48 12 0.543
13 Freezing Our Asses Off 42 11 0.478
14 83304 Dangerous Nights Crew 39 10 0.435
15 26678 Childless Millenials 38 9 0.391
16 Team fuuuun 36 8 0.348
17 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 33 7 0.304
18 85136 Never gonna quiz you up 32 6 0.261
19 85154 Snarky Puppy 24 5 0.217
20 85140 Sticky Bandit 22 3 0.152
20 85142 Idle Pants 22 3 0.152
22 85135 Rav 3 21 2 0.087
23 85145 Team Shrek 19 1 0.043
24 85134 The naughty list 13 0 0.000


Tue Dec 13 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

A brisk night in NoHo can mean temperatures as low as 40 degrees, with thunderous winds, icy asphalt, and food that sometimes arrives below the optimal temperature. However, even the depths of Fimbulwinter, nothing could keep the crowd away from Idle Hour for another epic, world-shaking round of King Trivia!

14 teams arrived in the barrel for some yuletide yaks and holiday hokum. With a bucket of chocolate standing by and DJ Pandora spinning the best tracks of the 80s, we go down to quizness. 

Round One was a solid warmup, with most teams absolutely crushing those gimme questions. It set up a massive tie at the top of the board to open our tournament of holiday heroes. 

Round Two saw our champions monkeying around with real and fictional primates. With a wild double and a bit of luck, We’re the Problem, It’s Us took the top spot and a sizable lead going into the theme round!

With Spice as the theme, Round Three was already hot before we even asked the first question. We’re the Problem kept their lead, but Mike Who Cheese Hairy stepped up into second with a wild series of guesses. 

Round Four kept things pretty close, as Intravenous DeMilo, Quiz Kid Donnie Smith, and Kingbeez locked into a tie for third. 

This led directly onto our drinking round, where self-described horse girls Kingbeez earned themselves some delicious free shots!

Round Five threw the entire game into a loop as Mike Who Cheese jumped into the top spot, with Intravenous DeMilo sneaking into second and knocking We’re the Problem into third! And with a massive tie in 4th place, this was quickly shaping up to be a scramble for the finish. 

Round Six not only pushed our players to the limit, but it taught them some new diction as well in the word Demonym! Let’s Get Quizzical rose to within 2 points of a spot on the board, kicking off the final round to end all final rounds. 

With the crown and glory on the line, our teams set out to determine the answers to the List Round, reciting the filmography of De Niro and Scorcecse. As the dust cleared, we announced our winners. 

Mike Who Cheese Hairy  took the top spot, followed by Intravenous DeMilo and We’re the Problem, It’s Us!


Come join us every Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 84678 Mike Who Cheese Harry 87 15 1.000
2 10330 Intravenus De Milo 75 14 0.933
3 82024 We’re the problem, it’s us. 67 13 0.867
4 Seven Swans A’Quizzing 63 12 0.800
5 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 60 11 0.733
6 40028 Kingbeez 58 10 0.667
7 52545 Here for the Host 57 8 0.567
7 84657 Let’s get Quizical! 57 8 0.567
9 72345 Tequila Tots 52 7 0.467
10 77415 720 of emotions 49 5 0.367
10 Squirrel Punters 49 5 0.367
12 68754 Geralt of Triviera 45 4 0.267
13 Four Muskateers 40 3 0.200
14 Peaches 37 2 0.133
15 84658 The Hooligans 36 1 0.067
16 Monika Santucci Fan Club 17 0 0.000


Tue Dec 6 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Tis the season, ladies and gentlemen. The yuletide log is in the fire (metaphorically, we’re still under a burn advisory in LA), and the chestnuts were certainly roasting over the fire pit here at Idle Hour in NoHo! With the teams coming from all over to join the celebration, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind: KING TRIVIA!

24 teams rode in on sleds (driven by an entire manager of animals) to our barrel-shaped gingerbread house for a game of kings and jesters. 

Round One presented many topical questions and current events, aiding our more “reality savvy” teams in taking an early lead. Nine teams tied for the top spot, meaning there was plenty of room for a shakeup as we sprinted toward the picture round. 

Everyone loves a good TV round, which meant many teams were already feeling lucky going into Round Two. Banshees of Burbank and The Team Just Inside the Door took the tied lead, but the rest of the room was gaining ground quickly. 

It took until Round Four for The Team Just Inside the Door to separate from the pack, but Banshees were close behind, with Tamale Dogs and Lewdicrous Mode nipping at their heels. 

For our drinking round, we asked out teams to do a little inflation math on the first microwave oven. With a guess just a few dollars closer than their competitor, 720 of Emotion earned the free shots and felt a wind at their backs. Could they charge ever higher?

Round Five always challenges our players to think outside the box as they try to form connections between randomized answers. With the stakes growing ever higher,  Banshees of Burbank pulled out all the stops to leap into second place! It was going to be a fight to the finish for these amazing champions!

Round Six was a musical mashup of those famous artists playing second fiddle to bigger stars. One team was tired of playing in second, so Banshees of Burbank jumped into the top spot with only one round to go!

The final round was a scrum for the ages, with all the theater nerds rising to the occasion for a miraculous rally. When the dust cleared, we crowned The Team Just Inside the Door as our grand winner, with Banshees of Burbank and Lewdicrous Mode on the board. 


Come join us every Tuesday for more trivia action.  

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 84198 That team just inside the door 72 22 1.000
2 63257 Banshees of Burbank 68 21 0.955
3 80660 Lewdicrous Mode 63 20 0.909
4 40028 Kingbeez 62 19 0.864
5 84183 Barrel boys 49 17 0.795
5 52545 Here for the Host 49 17 0.795
7 77415 720 of emotions 44 15 0.705
7 McDragon Slayers 44 15 0.705
9 84192 Clueless 39 14 0.636
10 84185 One Chicago 36 12 0.568
10 Tamale Dawgs 36 12 0.568
12 73782 The Bugle 35 10 0.477
12 84194 the entire cast of glee 35 10 0.477
14 84184 Chestnuts Roastin’ 34 9 0.409
15 72345 Tequila Tots 31 8 0.364
16 Benis Palls 29 6 0.295
16 Sparkle team 29 6 0.295
18 team mew 28 5 0.227
19 Old Fashioned 26 4 0.182
20 Jello Jigglers 24 3 0.136
21 84190 The people at the table 20 2 0.091
22 Purse Crumbs Pt. 2 18 1 0.045
23 84186 Scandalous Scandinavians 12 0 0.000