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Tue Dec 21 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings. It's the time of sharing joy and wonder with the world...and a time for EPIC TRIVIA! That's right, Idle Hour still has the best quiz show in town running Tuesday nights, and this was no exception. Ten teams arrived for a throwdown and were not dissapointed. 

While the temperatures have been fluxuating, our scores were rock solid...until the final round. The Studio City Players certainly...came to play. They held a commanding lead from Round One all the way through Round Six, knocking aside the competition without effort. It seemed like they might just sweep the whole show. But oh, that final round. 

We should probably back up a bit. You see, scores were fairly competitive the entire game, with only a few points separating each team all throghout the lineup (with the exception of a few early birds that ducked out before the drinks were served). It was truly anyone's show until the very end. 

But during the Drinking Round, one plucky group of trivial terrors scored big with a guess that earned them a free round of shots. They must have been served something spicy, because all of the sudden they were wide awake and playing hard. 

Tiny Hands lingered behind, third place or lower, for the entire game. But in the final hour, they found their spirit and doubled down like they'd never doubled before. In Round Seven, they slipped ahead of the competition and took the top spot away. 

It was an incredible night for all the players, and it could have been for you too! Don't miss another chance to win. Idle Hour runs this town every Tuesday at 8pm. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 44114 Tiny Hands 70 9 1.000
2 44116 The Studio City Players 60 8 0.889
3 22625 The Bad News Care Bears 48 7 0.778
4 44112 Use Your Eggnogin 43 6 0.667
5 44115 Omichronic 42 4 0.500
5 14940 It’s Quizness Time 42 4 0.500
7 44117 We did not prepare for this 40 3 0.333
8 44118 Bad Muchachos 30 2 0.222
9 44119 Doyers foos 11 1 0.111
10 44113 Geoff & Sarah 10 0 0.000


Tue Dec 14 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Rain and cold can't keep the crowds away from the best trivia show in the valley. Idle Hour was ALIVE with eager quizness beavers hungry to chomp on some icy interrogatives. While only six teams entered the barrel-shaped gridiron, they brought nearly ten people a piece! It was a setting primed for a showdown, and that's exactly what we saw. 

Our leader, and ultimate winner, was the veteran trio of Algorithm and Blues. Armed with some healthy appetizers and a healthier appetite for domination, they threw down doubles like it was quitting time at the factory and they needed to start the weekend early. It created a lead that was nearly unreachable by only Round 4. 

It's Quizness Time and newcombers Cory & Kids battled it out for the leaderboard, followed by the electric collective of Santa's Side Piece. By the time the drinking round arrived, this QM expected to be mopping up teeth from this bitter rivalry. 

Our winner of the Drinking Round, guessing the location of the country's tallest Christmas Tree, was the creatively named team...Team! This liquid lubrication set them up for a powerful finish. 

When the dust settled in Round Seven, we had a tie to break between our two embattled rivals. With a narrow lead, Quizness Time took second place, followed by Cory & FriendsAlgorithm dominated and won out the day, taking home another grand prize. 

You can't miss another week of trivia action, so come on down to Idle Hour on Tuesday at 8PM. We'll save a seat for you. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 35457 Algorithm & Blues 68 5 1.000
2* 14940 It’s Quizness Time 53 4 0.800
3 43416 Cory & Kids 52 3 0.600
4 14258 Blue Team 33 2 0.400
5 43403 Santa's Side Piece 28 1 0.200
6 43422 Team 27 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker


Tue Dec 7 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

What an incredible night at Idle Hour! Can you smell what's cooking? Because it's the holidays, and we were serving up some Candied Questions, Roasted Requests, and Trivia Turkey! 17 teams joined the fun at Idle Hour for seven rounds of the best trivia this side of the 101. 

Returning champions CHICKEN NUGGETS hoped to see their winning streak continue, but their competition was hungry to steal away that crown. 

Our first few rounds, as they often go, were ties on ties on ties. These were mostly veteran players and fearless newbies, so Doubles were flying left and right. It meant the leaderboard remained locked up tight, even while the scores bounced all over. 

As we finished the first course and took a break for a drinking round, three teams still held together in a lock for first place. We needed some difficult questions to break the tie. 

Kingbeez, no strangers to this particular show, came closest in our Drinking Round game and earned free shots. As it turns out, they were laced with KNOWLEDGE. While KB had been flirting with the leaderboard, they had yet to make a real move. That all changed in Round Five.

Newbies Burnt Corks saw their enviable run fall behind, and even the dog-powered Potato's Friends couldn't keep pace as local legends Snark Squad and Quizness Time earned the top two positions leading into the final showdown. 

When the dust settled, a shocking twist! Kingbeez had risen from the middle of the pack to take a dominant lead...and the whole enchilada! Snark Squad had a close second finish, with Quizness Time rounding out the third. 

You don't want to miss a moment of our show, so come on down to Idle Hour every Tuesday at 8PM. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 40028 Kingbeez 78 16 1.000
2 32145 Snark Squad 75 15 0.938
3 14940 It’s Quizness Time 67 14 0.875
4 39872 Trivia Newton John 57 13 0.813
5 42070 The Naughty List 55 12 0.750
6 42067 Secondhand Sloppy Tots 53 11 0.688
7 34765 CHICKEN NUGGETS 52 10 0.625
8 12078 Drunkin Donuts 47 8 0.531
8 42050 The Burnt Corks 47 8 0.531
10 42073 Trivinas 45 7 0.438
11 13194 Terrence Jones and the Rockettes 44 6 0.375
12 42053 Potato’s Friends 33 5 0.313
13 42064 Standing By 29 4 0.250
14 42049 I’m Dyin’ Heeah! 16 3 0.188
15 42075 How to murder your wife (it’s a movie) 6 2 0.125
16 35447 One Erection 4 1 0.063
* Won Tiebreaker