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Tue Oct 12 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Hold onto your hats, guys and ghouls, because it's Halloween Month at Idle Hour! Well, technically that started last week, but my patented Candy Bucket®©™ didn't arrive until now. Stuffed with all the latest in ToothRotTech, this sugar delivery vehicle was just what the teams needed to bring some serious energy. You guessed it: We had us a good old fashioned TRIVIA SESH!

We saw some amazing teams, from veterans Algorith & Blues and CHICKEN NUGGETS to an all-star rollout of newcomers: Troublemakers, Queer and Present Danger, and Crazy Kim and Her Fancy Band. With twenty teams and over one hundred players on the field, this was bound to be one for the books. 

Things started off with a stacked leaderboard. A few easy rounds lulled the teams into a false sense of security, but all that was about to change. We brought out the big guns in Round Three and got our groups thinking in terms of some salty snacks. Turns out a few of our teams were feeling a little salty themselves, and they doubled it down to grab those top spots. 

By Round Four, with teams barely missing some key clues, we had a clear frontrunner in Charlestown Chiefs. It was time for a little break, time for a drink, so we went to the candy dish for a Drinking Round. 

We asked the teams how much revenue M&Ms brought in over 2020 ($712 MM if you're curious). Thirsty Merchants earned the liquid prize with a just-under guess, and they were pumped to continue their hot streak.

In Rounds 5 and 6, we saw the leaderboard shift rapidly under the bombardment of double downs across the entire field! Crazy Kim and Her Fancy Band seemed liked a shoe-in for the top three, but then Queer and Present Danger snagged an easy 20 in Round 6. Suddenly, it was anyone's game. 

Finally, Round 7. The ultimate showdown. Nearly ten teams were all within sight of victory, but it came down to Chemistry. Specifically, the Periodic Table. As it turned out, our top three were each equally gifted in their knowledge of the elements, and the spots didn't move. 

Charlestown Chiefs took their victory by one point, leaving Queer and Present Danger and Troublemakers to fill out the leaderboard. 

While there were a few winners tonight, the greatest victor goes to the ENERGY from all these incredible teams. Are you feeling some FOMO? Need to get your quiz on all day long? Then come on down to Idle Hour every Tuesday night at 8PM!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 36142 Charlestown Chiefs 91 19 1.000
2 36138 Queer and Present Danger 90 18 0.947
3 36124 Troublemakers 88 17 0.895
4 35457 Algorithm & Blues 85 16 0.842
5 36125 Crazy Kim and her Fancy Band 84 15 0.789
6 32145 Snark Squad 75 14 0.737
7 33476 The Bean Brigade 67 12 0.658
7 32899 Sluts from the 90s 67 12 0.658
9 34765 CHICKEN NUGGETS 63 11 0.579
10 36131 Drunk fish in a barrel 62 10 0.526
11 36127 Chillie Willies 59 9 0.474
12 36140 Thirsty Merchants 57 8 0.421
13 36141 TriVinas 51 7 0.368
14 36133 Mr. Moneybubbles 49 6 0.316
15 35452 Buds Light 43 5 0.263
16 36123 The Batty Bunch 40 4 0.211
17 36129 Porno for podcasts 31 3 0.158
18 36135 Jumpin pumpkin 29 2 0.105
19 36126 OPBCLA 19 1 0.053
20 36137 OP 8 0 0.000


Tue Oct 5 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

What an incredible night for trivia! Rain might not be the best for LA drivers, but the clean new day brought out hungry quiz-heads like never before. Even better, this Quizmaster had a teammate to share in the ride: Casey! With our powers combined, this was destined to an epic throwdown. 

The game started off with a bang as Algorithm & Blues (a top-tier team name) threw out a big double down. This soft-spoken-yet-mighty threesome came to Idle Hour to eat giant soft pretzels and win at trivia...and they'd already finished their pretzel. 

Not to be outdone, a massive party of Play Fleetwood Mac (sorry, by the way. DJ Pandora was feeling the Stones tonight) had a team member for every style of trivia, including two birthday celebrations. While they didn't always have the right answer, they always had the right attitude. 

Casey took round three and challenged the teams for a themed round of courtroom drama, and that might have been the catalyst needed to awaken two sleeping giants: CHICKEN NUGGETS and Booooooooobs (with a few more O's for good measure). These titans decided then and there that an epic showdown was due. 

Enter the drinking round, which we at Idle Hour call the Shot Round (do we call it that? Is it just me?). With the Halloween spirit in the air, we asked the teams to guess how many pounds of candy were bought in America each year. If you guessed 600 million pounds, you ought to see your doctor and have that thing checked out. You would also be right. Booooooobs took the free booze and hoped to win it all.

When it came down to Round Seven, the big kahuna, it was a nailbiter. A single point separated our leaderboard, and it was clearly anyone's game. But when we announced that the teams needed to know about metal bands, CHICKEN NUGGETS roared with excitement. It seemed we had stumbled into their sector of knowledge. 

But would it be enough?

When the dust settled, we had as close a contest as you could expect without going into a tie-breaker! Algorithm & Blues knocked it out with third, Boooooooobs brought in a respectable second, and newbie CHICKEN NUGGETS grabbed that brass ring and the grand prize!

Idle Hour is the place to be every Tuesday night at 8PM. While you might not always have the wonderful Casey backing up this humble QM, you'll always have great food, great people, and the greatest trivia game this side of Jeopardy. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 34765 CHICKEN NUGGETS 90 17 1.000
2 35454 Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs 89 16 0.941
3 35457 Algorithm & Blues 87 15 0.882
4 35452 Buds Light 85 14 0.824
5 35445 Kendall Roy Kent 74 13 0.765
6 33474 Come Pet Our Dogs 72 11 0.676
6 32145 Snark Squad 72 11 0.676
8 33065 Let’s Get Trivial 69 10 0.588
9 35447 One Erection 66 8 0.500
9 33476 The Bean Brigade 66 8 0.500
11 35463 IC 50 7 0.412
12 35456 We’re Only Here Because Facebook was Down 41 6 0.353
13 35448 Play Fleetwood Mac 32 5 0.294
14 35453 Hingedate 12 4 0.235
15 35462 Lobos 11 3 0.176
16 35459 striped sweaters 4 1 0.088
16 35465 Steve 4 1 0.088
18 35497 Ucon-Cornelius 0 0 0.000


Tue Sep 28 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

There are few things as exciting as trivia night at Idle Hour. Perhaps skydiving while juggling chainsaws alongside angry bears, but you can't always do that on a Tuesday night! The room rumbled with energy as this Quizmaster approached the table, laptop in hand, ready to bare witness to questionable greatness. 

The show began slowly, with single-digit scores and no risk takers. It was as if the Double or Nothing didn't exist! Would this prove to be a low scoring night for our heroic Idle Hour crew? 

Oh no, reader. That was just Round One jitters. The points hit the proverbial fan just a few minutes later. 

With a thunderous double down, Party Time entered the arena a round late—but without any fear. The other competitors sensed a shift in the wind, and soon every team took swing after epic swing, trying to max out their scores whenever possible. 

While we did hit a bit of a slow patch with Round 4 (guess who is always a gamble), the Drinking Round reinvigorated our trivia titans. 

Since today was National Beer Day, we asked the teams to guess the highest ABV of Snake Venom, the most potent beer in the world. While many were close, Otrivia Rodrigo took the shots with style. The answer, for any curious travelers, is a terrifying 67.5%. 

Once we hit Round 5, our leader for the night cemented their position. Locking in with a ten point lead, it didn't seem possible to catch up...but no one told Trivia Newton John. 

In Round Six, with all the cards on the table, teams went for broke and double down like there was no tomorrow. For a few, it was the nail in the coffin. For others, the boost they needed to get within striking distance of the leaderboard. 

Finally, our Zillow question, a list to end all lists. Party time played it safe and secured an easy win with 73. It would take a mighty double to bring Trivia Newton John over the top, but they felt Snark Squad nipping at their heels. Rather than risk defeat, they took the second spot and the prize. 

If you missed this incredible night, fret not! We throw down the trivia gauntlet every Tuesday night at 8PM!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 34789 Party time very cool 73 15 1.000
2 29970 Trivia Newton John 67 14 0.933
3 32145 Snark Squad 65 13 0.867
4 34073 BlackJew 57 12 0.800
5 34773 Otrivia Rodrigo 47 11 0.733
6 33476 The Bean Brigade 46 10 0.667
7 34783 AFC RIchmond 42 9 0.600
8 34790 StarFleet 41 8 0.533
9 34775 Corn Starch Crusaders 39 7 0.467
10 34787 Shayan’s Sass 33 6 0.400
11 34780 Casa Amor 31 5 0.333
12 30278 Two for Tea 29 4 0.267
13 34784 Wakanda Forever 28 3 0.200
14 34782 smelly bakas 26 2 0.133
15 34771 Only Going 2 Have 1 Tonight 20 1 0.067
16 34777 LA Pudgers 12 0 0.000