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Tue Nov 2 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Mark your calendars. November 2nd is going down as one of the biggest, boldest shows Idle Hour has ever seen! 15 teams from all across the country (or possibly just two states) joined under the awnings of the outdoor dining area for what can only be described as an epic poem come to life. That's right, it was time for King Trivia!

We saw returning champions, eager veterans, and a huge roster of newbies join the fray to fight for a spot at the top of the board. It was time to test their trivia mettle, so we settled in for Round Number 1. 

Only minutes into the show and we had a massive 8-way tie at the top with double downs flying! But by Round 2, Quiz Kid Donnie Smith leapt far ahead of the competition and took the top spot. They seemed almost uncatchable round after round, and their victory was almost assured.

But then, of course, came the drinking round. Since we'd recently celebrated Halloween, we invited the teams to show off pictures of their costumes and be judged by the helpful servers of Idle Hour. Our winner, Play Fleetwood Mac, showed up with a homemade, award-winning Zuko suit! Of course we love Zuko more than we fear you, so they had to take the W and the free drinks!

Round 5 landed with a fury, and suddenly our top spot became anyone's game. The top ten teams were each within striking distance, whether Algorithm and Blues or Agents of the Zeitgeist

Still, one team had a card yet to be played.

During Round 6, it seemed that few teams knew their monarchy history (or had at least binged The Crown). That is, except for C&K. With a sudden double down, they were in the lead by mere points. It was a coup!

Round 7 was a little controversial (The Nintendo Switch is technically a portable system, though Nintendo Co. does refer to it as a console), but the final score was settled without any issue. Quiz Kid took the third spot, followed by Zeitgeist, with a come-from-behind victory for out of towners C&K!

You don't want to miss another minute of trivia actions, so come on down to Idle Hour every Tuesday at 8PM!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 38398 C&K 61 14 1.000
2 15751 Agents of the Zeitgeist 59 13 0.929
3 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 55 12 0.857
4 32145 Snark Squad 53 11 0.786
5 38387 We’re just guessing 44 10 0.714
6 35457 Algorithm & Blues 42 9 0.643
7 38384 DMV 38 8 0.571
8 35448 Play Fleetwood Mac 36 7 0.500
9 38396 Bean Brigade 33 6 0.429
10 10554 The Fighting Mongooses, that's a cool team name. 31 5 0.357
11 36131 Drunk fish in a barrel 29 4 0.286
12 38395 Klingoff 26 3 0.214
13 38397 Vaxxed n waxed 19 2 0.143
14 38404 Barreloffun 17 1 0.071
15 38391 Handbag Vomit 0 0 0.000


Tue Oct 26 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

The stars were aligned for the final King Trivia show at Idle Hour before Halloween! Teams arrived from all around the city to celebrate in style with seven rounds of America's favorite trivia game (citation needed). 

With fifteen tough groups and a building-filled with eager competitors, this QM couldn't wait to get the show moving. We opened with an easy General Round to lull the teams into a sense of false confidence. A few double downs, but no one emerged yet as the clear leaders. Then came Round 2. 

We asked the teams to suss out the innards of popular candy bars. While most teams struggled, one group had the sweet tooth and the presence of mind to snatch a perfect round. Mo's Hos, celebrating a birthday, had the energy to leap into first place. But how long could they hold on?

Round after round, Mo's Hos built up a sizable lead at first place. By Round 4's end, it seemed as though they might fly away with the game. But we needed to take a break for the Drinking Round, so the other teams began to plan. 

The free shots went to, you guessed it, Mo's Hos after the titular Mo used a personal anecdote to sort out an answer...and won her team a final birthday gift! However, this is when fortunes turn at Idle Hour. 

For the next few rounds, the leaderboard shifted every single time. Doubles were dropped, wild bets were missed, and suddenly we had a fight for the last few points on our hands. It was anyone's game in the final moments of our tournament. 

The big win came in Round Seven as three teams dropped massive doubles to secure their spots in the leaderboard. The Concan Cans took the top spot, with Snark Squad and Mighty Mart in the 2nd and 3rd place. New Year's Eve Nurses deserve a spot as well, climbing out of a deep well from the early game to earn a shot at the top. 

Come on down to Idle Hour every Tuesday at 8PM for more trivia action!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 37670 The Concan Cans 79 14 1.000
2 32145 Snark Squad 72 13 0.929
3 37671 Mighty Mart 70 12 0.857
4 15751 New Year’s Eve nurses 61 11 0.786
5 33476 The Bean Brigade 59 9 0.679
5 31785 the electric mayhem 59 9 0.679
7 37660 Mo's Ho's 58 8 0.571
8 36131 Drunk fish in a barrel 55 7 0.500
9 37663 Aqua Gems 53 6 0.429
10 37658 The Derivatives 41 5 0.357
11 37657 My drinking team has a trivia problem 36 4 0.286
12 37673 Granite Staters 32 3 0.214
13 37659 The Catholic School Girls 30 2 0.143
14 37672 Baby Got Back Pain 17 1 0.071
15 37656 Moms night out 3 0 0.000


Tue Oct 19 2021
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

It's getting close to Halloween and all the ghosts and ghouls are out for blood! By which, of course, I mean it was time for some incredible trivia action. 17 teams joined the fray for the quizness that brings the business, King Trivia!

We opened with a salvo of perfection, with several teams crushing their first six question in great 6 out of 6...however only two opted for the double down: Pumkin Spice Hattés and Libra Moon. With a few teams going green with jealousy, it was time for the battle of the Jacks. 

This picture round was extra special, with a cheeseburger mixed in amongst the starring players of pop culture. When the answers fell and the scores exploded, it looked like PSH had just cemented an insurmountable lead. 

Round after round, Pumpkin lead the pack with incredible scores. Second and Third place swapped constantly, with with Raystar, Libra, Queerest Kittens, and Come Pet Our Dogs slipping in and out of the leaderboard. Who knew what would happen next?

Our drink round took a bit of movie trivia and combined it with math as we asked our teams to determine the box office gross for Aracnaphobia (1990)...adjusted for inflation. The closest team sadly went over by a few million dollars, and we play by Price is Right rules, so the free shots went to Raystar Woyco, and it seemed to be just the boost they needed. 

Over the next few rounds, the leaderboard became a battleground for every single team. Doubles flew like trash in a windstorm, and by Round 7 it was anyone's guess who would take the top prize. Fortune favored the bold...and we had one team that refused to give up. 

CHICKEN NUGGETS had started the game with a decent score, but couldn't seem to put the pieces together for a true rise. Then, from Rounds Five through Seven, they delivered a showstopping performance that shot them straight up to the top. 

When the dust settled, we had CHICKEN NUGGETS as a clear winner, followed by Raystar Woyco and Pumpkin Spice Hattés. An amazing finish. 

Come join us at Idle Hour every Tuesday night for some incredible trivia action!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 34765 CHICKEN NUGGETS 71 16 1.000
2 36874 Raystar Woyco 61 15 0.938
3 36869 Pumpkin Spice Hattés 59 14 0.875
4 36870 Libra Moon 51 13 0.813
5 36881 Priscilla’s Peasants 44 12 0.750
6 36745 The Queerest Kittens You Know 43 11 0.688
7 33474 Come Pet Our Dog 37 10 0.625
8 14940 It’s Quizness Time 35 8 0.531
8 36876 Santas jingleberries 35 8 0.531
10 36872 Low Key Loki 33 7 0.438
11 36877 Ross’s Tots 31 6 0.375
12 36875 Trick or Tits 29 5 0.313
13 33476 The Bean Brigade 28 4 0.250
14 36131 Drunk fish in a barrel 26 3 0.188
15 32145 Snark Squad 25 2 0.125
16 36867 Ninja Stripper 10 1 0.063
17 36873 Jett Vibes 8 0 0.000