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Los Angeles CA 91601
(818) 980-5604
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 8:00pm


Tue Sep 6 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

The heat might be breaking, but the intensity at Idle Hour knows no such limits. With the tables packed to the brim with eager champions, we set out on an adventure of trivial proportions. That’s right, it’s time for more King Trivia!

14 teams arrived in our barrel of fun for some incredible quizzical action, bolstered by soft pretzels and cold beers. After Round One, Here for the Host (#humblebrag) took the top spot, followed by Jackyboys and the veteran Snark Squad. 

Round Two challenged the teams to identify movies featuring prisons. However, our scores hardly changed as these cinephiles rocked this round to pieces. 

In our Theme Round, Snark Squad saw an opportunity for a clutch double and leapt into first place, followed by Jackyboys earning second in the Fourth Round. It was quickly becoming a game of musical chairs across our leaderboard. 

Our literature-themed Drinking Round took our competitors on a journey through their summer reading lists, but in the end it was Glonk Chomp taking home some free shots!

Round Five left Snark Squad holding their lead, but now second was locked in a 4-way tie with Jackyboys, Rock Lobster, Win or Booze, and Here for the Host!

In Round Six, with an amazing double up, Here for the Host leapt into first place and set up a possible win, but Snark Squad and Rock Lobster weren’t willing to sit by and let this happen unchallenged. 

As the final questions tumbled into place, we crowned our winners. Here for Host held the high score, but our leaderboard belonged to Snark Squad, Rock Lobster, and Win or Booze!


Join us every Tuesday for more Trivia Action!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 52545 Here for the Host 58 11 1.000
2 32145 Snark Squad 47 10 0.909
3 77416 Rock Lobsters 46 9 0.818
4 75268 Win or Booze 44 8 0.727
5 Jackyboys 37 7 0.636
6 Glonk Chomp 36 6 0.545
7 Quizknows 31 4 0.409
7 Olivia Be Wildin’ 31 4 0.409
9 77415 720 of emotions 27 3 0.273
10 68743 The Hooligans 24 2 0.182
11 Bells of the Brawl 23 1 0.091
12 Beach babies 11 0 0.000


Wed Aug 31 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Fish your stapler out of the jello and harvest those mung beans inside your desk. It’s time for an extra special episode of The Office…trivia edition! That’s right, Dunder Mifflin. We’ve got seven rounds of pub trivia here at Idle Hour, and some amazing prizes to boot!

It was literally 100º, but that didn’t the dozens of Office fans that joined the fray to show off their knowledge of beets, boardrooms, and Battlestar Galactica. 22 teams wore their casual Friday attire and prepared to battle for glory the only way we know how…with QUIZZES!

Round One saw a small duo separate from the pack with a well-placed double down. Bippity Boppity Give Me the Zoppity and Sabre Sirens held the lead, followed by a somewhat cautious Somehow We Manage. What would happen next?

As it turns out, Sabre Sirens would stage a coup and jump into first place, knocking Bippity back to second. Somehow stayed in third, but only held their position by a few points. 

Rounds Three and Four passed with little fanfare, save Schrute Farms pushing Somehow back and securing third place. 

Our Drinking Round challenged the teams to determine just how many times Jim turned and mugged to camera across the ENTIRE series (653, if you’re curious). With the closest guess, Sabre Sirens earned the free shots, while 14-inch Plasma TVs earned stickers for a shockingly close second. 

Round Five proved a challenge even to these dedicated teams. Still, nothing would deter these paper pushers from their prizes. With a powerful surge (possibly from their free shots), Sabre Sirens leapt into first place, and Somehow We Manage returned to their home in third. 

Round Six pushed our teams to their limits. Bippity was hurting from their unseating and needed a big win, while Sirens were eager to just hold the lead as long as possible. Bippity not only reclaimed the throne, but Somehow We Manage emerged into second place! This was shaping up to be one for the record books. 

Round Seven was no joke, pushing even the most seasoned Office fans to the brink. Many left with their sense of self completely shattered, while others had their fandom rejuvenated. In the end, however, only three could be the big winners. 

With an amazing comeback, Somehow We Manage took the top spot, followed by Bippity Boppity Give Me the Zoppity and Sabre Sirens!

Come join us on Tuesday for a return to more trivia!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 77120 Somehow We Manage 72 18 1.000
2 77113 Bippity Boppity Give Me The Zoppity 68 17 0.944
3 Sabre Sirens 66 16 0.889
4 77158 Schrute Farms 59 15 0.833
5 William H Buttlicker 51 14 0.778
6 77114 Scott’s tots 42 13 0.722
7 Scranton Stranglers 40 12 0.667
8 thedestroyerz 38 11 0.611
9 77117 Identity Theft 37 10 0.556
10 Late Crew Great Crew 36 9 0.500
11 720 of Emotions 33 8 0.444
12 19308 The Fundle Bundles 32 7 0.389
13 Drop the Beets 31 6 0.333
14 77123 Threat level midnight 28 5 0.278
15 14 inch plasma tvs 24 4 0.222
16 Creed's Worm Guy 19 2 0.139
16 Maple Leafs 19 2 0.139
18 Jim was the Villain 18 1 0.056
19 77131 Wet bandits 8 0 0.000


Tue Aug 30 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Another delightful Tuesday in NoHo. The air was on fire, sure, but that just meant the stage was heating up…for an epic trivia throwdown! That’s right, loyal readers, it was time for King Trivia at the one and only Idle Hour!

34 teams joined the fun for a sweaty, satisfying sleuthing adventure. With cold drinks and hot apps flying around the barrel-shaped bar, it was going to be one heck of a show. 

Round One was a first for this QM and this venue as ZERO TEAMS had perfect scores! We did have a massive tie at the top with 5 points, but it was a shocker to say the least. 

Round 2 saw a quick shift as teams decided to stream and chill with 8 images of famous streaming networks. With some momentum now, Hooligans jumped into first place, followed by Quizzy McGuire and Quiz Kid Donnie Smith.

Round Three took us to the land of Hyrule and 6th grade literature, looking at Zeldas of various notorieties. While Hooligans held their lead, Kill the Siren and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour knocked out the other top two!

Round Four saw Jimmy Timmy move from third to second, but the scores only grew closer. This was shaping up to be an incredibly tight game!

During our drinking round, we pad homage to the greatest of campfire treats: the marshmallow. With an outstanding guess regarding the invention of the Extruder (for shaping mallows), Hackmigos earned some free shots. 

Round Five saw the points grow tighter but the leaders stay in roughly the same spot. This was all going to come down to bravery. Which team was willing to risk it to get the biscuit and go for that DOUBLE DOWN? 

Round Six tasked our teams with combining Pixar Antagonists with their associated films. After a few grueling minutes, our leaders emerged ready for the final showdown. With no movement on the board yet again, it would all come down to these final ten questions. 

As Round Seven came to a close (and Europe sang its fateful song), we crowned our champions: The Hooligans took first, Kill the Sirens had second, and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour earned third. 

Come join us every Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 68743 The Hooligans 65 31 1.000
2 76930 Kill The Siren 64 30 0.968
3 72778 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 63 29 0.935
4 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 59 28 0.903
5 37633 Diana Spencer’s Gifts 57 26 0.855
5 32145 Snark Squad 57 26 0.855
7 76923 Table Next to Bulldog! 56 25 0.806
8 The Bugle 55 24 0.774
9 76929 The doodlebobs Neyoyoyminoy 53 23 0.742
10 RIP Paul Rudd 52 21 0.694
10 76936 kester koven 52 21 0.694
12 Just Guessing 51 20 0.645
13 52545 Here for the Host 49 19 0.613
14 vandelay industries 48 16 0.527
14 yolo 48 16 0.527
14 76937 Lana del slay 48 16 0.527
17 The Vestal Virgins 45 15 0.484
18 66730 Emergency Food: 2 Food 2 Furious 44 14 0.452
19 22625 The Bad News Care Bears 43 12 0.403
19 The Hackmigos 43 12 0.403
21 25009 Quizzy McGuire 42 11 0.355
22 First Dates Are Awkward 41 8 0.269
22 76917 Mitochondriacs 41 8 0.269
22 Quizknow 41 8 0.269
25 GlonkChomp 40 7 0.226
26 72345 Tequila Tots 38 6 0.194
27 76920 CLEVELAND!!! 35 5 0.161
28 76927 Spreadeagle Scouts 34 4 0.129
29 31314 Midnight Powerwalk 33 3 0.097
30 Better Luck Next Time 30 2 0.065
31 2Nerds 29 1 0.032
32 Wolves 12 0 0.000