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Tue Jan 17 2023
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

A brisk and bracing night out here in NoHo as the classiest folk in all the land gathered for good food, good fun…and GREAT TRIVIA! That’s right, folks, you just can’t keep a king down, and we’ve arrived with more of the best quizness in Cali. 

26 teams joined us in the barrel-shaped ballroom for an evening of laughs, tears, and massive prizes. 

Round One was an easy warmup for our veteran teams, leading to a large tie at the top (and a surprisingly large group of perfect scores…WITHOUT doubles)!

Round Two was a game changer for teams with a memory for faces. 720 of Emotions launched out of the gate with a strong double and took the lead!

Round Three was a fantastic mashup of tasty treats and wrasslin’ feats. 720 managed to hold their lead, but Diana Spencer’s Gifts and Here for the Host locked into a tight race for second. 

Round Four was a fantastic chance to shine for fans of Westside Story. DSG jumped into first, followed by Here for the Host only a few points behind. 

In our Drinking Round, we asked our guests to get fancy with it and honor National Classy Day! Their magic phrase? “I have to leave the party, I have pooped by pants.” Wibbly Wombats locked in a great win by doing the classiest thing of all: lying through their teeth to avoid revealing the nasty truth. 

Round Five brought back fond memories of a childhood hero, giving Quiz Kid Donnie Smith a chance to sneak ahead of the completion and take first!

Round Six was far more challenging than many anticipated…but not for Geralt of Triviera! With an amazing double (and guessing on two questions no less) they jumped into the top spot with only one round to go. 

Our final round was an opportunity to close for all our teams that enjoyed a good road trip…or futball. Yet it was one team that took the chance to not only close the distance…but to take the whole enchilada. 

As the evening rolled to a close, we crowned our winner. Emergency Food: Emerge and See Food, Geralt of Triviera, and Quiz Kid Donnie Smith. 


Join us every Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 66730 Emergen-C Food: emerge and see food 78 24 1.000
2 68754 Geralt of Triviera 70 23 0.958
3 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 67 22 0.917
4 37633 Diana Spencer’s Gifts 63 21 0.875
5 82295 Let’s get Quizzical 62 20 0.833
6 80148 Cabot Cove’s Ghost 55 19 0.792
7 52545 Here for the Host 52 18 0.750
8 32145 Snark Squad 46 17 0.708
9 75079 720 of emotions 41 15 0.646
9 Laurel’s Late 41 15 0.646
11 Move over Jay Z, it's Gay Z 39 14 0.583
12 87241 door city 37 13 0.542
13 Wibbly Wombats 36 11 0.479
13 Sluts 36 11 0.479
15 86613 Spunk and ‘Tude 35 10 0.417
16 72345 Tequila Tots 34 8 0.354
16 87245 Quizzy Maguire 34 8 0.354
18 87242 Let's Get Down to Quizness 31 7 0.292
19 Fennel Salad 28 6 0.250
20 87243 zuf 25 5 0.208
21 87251 Fart noise 23 4 0.167
22 87254 AL LA 21 3 0.125
23 Two Baddies in Turtlenecks 20 2 0.083
24 83304 Dangerous Nights Crew 14 1 0.042
25 87247 Glasses and the Stache 12 0 0.000


Tue Jan 10 2023
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

The stars were shining bright tonight—hidden of course by the intense light pollution—as teams gathered in the barrel-shaped battlefield for some good ol’ fashioned trivia. Throngs of hungry competitors crowded the bar and cried out for questions, so this QM was only too happy to oblige. 

Now this wasn’t just any normal night. This was a true fight to the finish. Our top spot changed hands (nearly) EVERY SINGLE ROUND! Only the best competitors come to Idle Hour, and this was a show for the ages. 

Round One was an enormous 8-way tie, but it was only a matter of time. 

Round Two was a big challenge for anyone born after 2000 (or that worked Saturday nights). Kingbeez took the lead by 2, followed by Benoit Blanc and Jellyfish Assassins. 

Round Three tested our teams’ hiphop knowledge, and Here for the Host was ready to capitalize. They jumped into the top spot with Valley Girls. 

Round Four was all about the queen P herself, Miss Piggy. Hooligans had Muppet fever and snagged their turn on the throne.  

In our Drinking Round we honored National Milk Day with a question about the undisputed leaders in producing milk: Cows! Spunk and Tude were in the mood to win it, dude…so they earned the free shots!

Round Five was a challenging connection to find, but our teams had a secret: They were avid readers. Benoit Blanc took the lead, and with a few points too spare. 

Round Six was a chance for our Saturday Morning crowd, and  Benoit managed to hold on to their lead… but Finishing Pints was in a close second. 

Round Seven was as controversial as they come, as we asked the NYT to talk about Chicago cuisine? 

In the end, we crowned our winners: Finishing Pints, Benoit Blanc and the Disruptors, and the IQ’ties!


Come join us every Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Finishing Pints 59 20 1.000
2 86604 Benoit Blanc and the Disruptors 56 19 0.950
3 The IQ'ties 55 18 0.900
4 52545 Here for the Host 51 17 0.850
5 68743 The Hooligans 47 16 0.800
6 86607 Valley Girls 45 14 0.725
6 Trying our best 45 14 0.725
8 40028 Kingbeez 44 13 0.650
9 The Rise of the Quizantine Empire 41 12 0.600
10 72778 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 39 9 0.467
10 3rd place 39 9 0.467
10 86139 Jellyfish Assassins 39 9 0.467
13 86613 Spunk and ‘Tude 36 8 0.400
14 Little Swollen 34 7 0.350
15 The Shockers 33 6 0.300
16 86614 The Snood Poods 31 5 0.250
17 86610 The Wiggly Wombatz 28 4 0.200
18 The Severed Arm 27 3 0.150
19 83304 Dangerous Nights Crew 23 2 0.100
20 slice of life 18 0 0.025
20 86608 Dancing Queens 18 0 0.025


Tue Jan 3 2023
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Welcome to the first Trivia Show for 2023 here at Idle Hour! With the weather still very wet and chilly, only the most fervent quiz champions (and those already back from vacation) braved the storms to claim their place in history. Seven rounds divided them from their much-deserved glory, so there was no time to waste in getting started. 

Round One was a great warm up to shake off the New Year’s Eve confetti and get back down to quizness. Five teams locked in a solid double right off the bat, but with more groups joining by the minute it was going to be a fight to the finish. 

Round Two was all about movies with short story times (though not necessarily short run times). Our in-house aficionados Diana Spencer’s Gifts, It’s Quizness Time, and Here for the Host tied in first. 

Round Three forced this QM to look up how to pronounce the “Nobel” in Nobel Prize (It’s the normal way, BTW). Diana Spencer’s Gifts took a chancy double to step into first, carving out a decent lead along the way. 

Round Four was our Guess Who Round, offering the chance for a quick leap into the leaderboard. Here for the Host went for the opportunity and earned third place!

In our Drinking Round was all about the most important invention of the 19th century: the Drinking Straw. With an outstanding bit of guesswork, Diana Spencer’s Gifts won the free shots (we were sensing a trend).  

Round Five presented a celestial challenge to our teams, but a few folks weren’t here to be fooled; they were here to win! Wonder Twin Powers Activate took the form of Third Place…and made it their home. 

Round Six was a sports fanatic’s dream, and it turned out Jellyfish Assassins were just that kind of trivia nerd. They took the opportunity to double down and rocket to second!

The Final Round was all about the music, and our teams…were mostly stumped. Still, it was enough to reach the end without a tie. 

After the dust settled, Diana Spencer’s Gifts took first, Jellyfish Assassins took second, and Wonder Twin Powers Activate earned third. 


Come join us for more trivia every Tuesday!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 37633 Diana Spencer’s Gifts 66 15 1.000
2 86139 Jellyfish Assassins 60 14 0.933
3 86135 Wonder Twin Powers Activate 56 13 0.867
4 52545 Here for the Host 54 12 0.800
5 14940 It’s Quizness Time 50 11 0.733
6 86138 Quizzie McGuire 45 10 0.667
7 Other team 38 9 0.600
8 86128 Revenge of Mock Trial 35 8 0.533
9 Untamed shrew 31 7 0.467
10 Korner Kidz 29 6 0.400
11 86126 Fennel Salad 28 5 0.333
12 72345 Tequila Tots 25 4 0.267
13 86134 Nice Rahn 22 3 0.200
14 Cheetah Girls 11 2 0.133
15 Dillon Panthers 10 1 0.067
16 86136 New Year, Same Me 8 0 0.000